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Performance Measures - Metered & Unmetered Connection Services

Standard License Conditions and Guaranteed Standards of Performance (Sop) are measures that relate to metered and unmetered connections services provided.

These standards ensure that customers are guaranteed a high level of service and are compensated when they do not.

SLC15 sets out the standards for the provision of non-contestable connection services. It requires a minimum of 90% performance in each of the following categories:

  1. Providing Point of Connection Quotations.
  2. Responding to design submissions in relation to connections.
  3. Completing Final Works and Phased Energisation as non-contestable connections services.

Metered Standards

Metered Quotation standards include:

  • Providing budget estimates
  • Providing quotations

Other Metered standards include:

  • Making contact with customers to agree dates
  • Commencing works
  • Completing works
  • Energisation

Unmetered Standards

Unmetered standards include:

  • Fault repairs
  • Quotations
  • Completing works
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