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Planning a Project

Planning and developing a renewable energy project can be a daunting prospect and many decisions have to be made before a project can proceed, such as choosing a technology, deciding your project size and location, organizational structure, ownership and financing options. This section aims to cover the key issues involved in the development process and provide guidance and signposting on how to approach each one.

You may also want to consult other community groups that have successfully developed a renewable energy project as they can often provide useful advice and help you identify potential problems at an early stage potentially helping to shorten your lead time.

If you are keen to undertake a project within our patch, make sure you get in touch with us as early as possible so we can advise you on the network conditions and potential options in your area.


Getting Started


Local Energy Planning

As Scotland’s energy system becomes increasingly decentralised with energy being generated close to where it will be used, communities will play a key role in considering what types of energy solutions will be best to meet local needs. Community groups are in a strong position to lead on this because they are trusted organisations.

Engaging Your Community

Engagement with the local community is an important part of any community energy project and should be initiated early in the process to build trust and address any negative perceptions. It is important to remember that community engagement is an ongoing process and you should ensure that people are regularly updated about project progress.


Getting it Right


Developing Your Idea

Community owned renewable energy projects give communities the opportunity to own their own energy supply while helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, enhance community resilience and generate income which can be used locally to help fund other community-based projects.

Is Your Project Idea Feasible?

For your project to be a success, there needs to be enough resource to make it economically viable.



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