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Powering Glasgow's Future

To enable an electric future for Glasgow, starting in February 2020, we will be investing c£20m in a programme of works in the Southside of Glasgow between 2020 and 2023. 

In order to modernise the local electricity network, works will include rebuilding and connection of a number of major electricity substations between Pollokshaws and Ibrox.

This is all part of an investment programme to support Glasgow's vision to become the UK's first Net Zero carbon city by 2030.

This investment will also support other regeneration initiatives throughout the city, such as Glasgow University's Innovation Triangle, as well as plans surrounding the Waterfront and West End Innovation Quarter as part of the Glasgow City Region City Deal which will see the Council invest approximately £113m as part of the project. 

The work will focus on:

  • Rebuilding / increasing capacity of four 60-70 year old 33kv substations, providing interconnections between the substations for security of supply, and replacing non-standard voltage equipment and cables.
  • 80-90km of cable being laid in the geographical area from Pollokshaws Rd to Helen Street (Ibrox)

Important information

There are currently no planned interruptions to supplies as a result of the project.  If this changes you will receive a letter at least 5 days in advance.

To date we have excavated over 150 metres of road, including 50 metres under the M74 bridge. We have laid 68 sets of ducts and reinstated the road surfaces on Pollokshaws Road where ground works have been completed.

Current Road Restrictions

East side of Eglinton St - Maxwell Rd / Gourock St / Lauder St / Cardwell St From late March until May 2020

A series of short staged works between March and May on each of these streets, limited lane closures only, full access maintained at all times for residents.

Pollokshaws Road

Closed to road users between Gourock St and Devon St from 10th Feb to until May. Cycle path and road user diversions will be in place. Local access to residents and businesses will be maintained at all times.

Turriff Street

Closed to road users from 10th Feb to until May. Follow diversion signs. Local access to residents and businesses will be maintained at all times.

Devon Street

Closed to road users from late March until May. Follow diversion signs. Local access to residents and businesses will be maintained at all times.

Eglinton Street

Road remains open at all times but with staged lane closures from March until May

We really appreciate your patience whilst we modernise the local electricity network and invest across your Community.

FAQs – Information for cyclists

How was the impact on cyclists considered prior to commencement of these works?

The SP Energy Networks project team met on site to first discuss traffic management plans with representatives from the Council Cyclepaths department along with the Team Leader of our contractor, Spratts who is also a regular cyclist. It became clear to the project team of the limited alternative options available for diversions for cyclists.

Glasgow is progressing to becoming a cycle path city and this brings complexity of traffic management.  SP Energy Networks have advised the excavation contractor working on our behalf (who provides all traffic management plans for works), that they must provide a cycle way specific traffic management plan so cycle paths are considered at all times.

SP Energy Networks takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, it’s why it’s critical that we complete this upgrading work. Glasgow can’t meet its Net Zero target without upgrading the 70 year old network in Southside.

What is the diversion route for cyclists?

End March to mid April when works are progressing from Pollokshaws Rd onto Devon St:

  • The Northbound cycle path will be closed for a short period while we dig across from Pollokshaws to the entrance of Devon St.  Cyclists will be advised to join the carriageway for a few metres before re-joining the cycle path just after Devon St
  • The southbound path will be re-opened during this time, followed by complete re-opening of Pollokshaws Rd.

February to end March whilst Pollokshaws Rd is closed:

  • Signs will divert cyclists and vehicles to Butterbiggens and Cathcart Rd rather than Eglingon, but obviously people are able to choose other routes or means.
  • Any diversion route will always meet the requirements of the legal Streetworks Act.
  • Northbound cyclists will see “cyclists join carriageway” signs before Butterbiggens Road, and they will be diverted along that road onto Cathcart Road, along with other vehicles. For any cyclists choosing to bypass that sign, there will then be a “cyclists’ dismount” sign right at the start of our works at Gourock Street. The big change we have managed to implement immediately is condensing our own CDM (Construction) worksite to maintain the east side pedestrian pavement (the actual cyclepath needs to be enclosed in our barriers to facilitate a safe site for workers). If cyclists choose not to dismount and cycle the pedestrian pavement they do so at their own risk.
  • Southbound cyclists: the west side pedestrian pavement and cyclepath will be encased in our CDM site between Gourock Street and Devon Street. Cyclists will be able to stay on the cycle path until Devon Street, guided to cross onto Devon Street, left turn onto Eglinton Street briefly and then rejoin the path using Gourock Street.

Why is there a requirement for complete road closures?

There are two main reasons the excavation is enormous and requires a complete road closure – one is the volume of cables that are required in the ground, including the connection to the regeneration of Buchanan Wharf, but also the other utilities, including old tram lines!

What condition will the cycle path be in following the works?

The council cycle ways department have provided SP Energy Networks with the re-instatement specification for the cycle paths and once the works are complete, it will be restored to its former condition. 

What you can expect from us

We will keep you informed and involved when our work will affect you. We will:

  • Explain the scope of our work and expected timescales
  • Host community meetings, where required, to outline and discuss scope, timing & specific welfare issues
  • Issue letters before any supply interruption – at least 5 days in advance (there are currently no planned interruptions as a result of these works.)
  • Where you have special or particular requirements and are affected by the works we will endeavour to work with you to keep disruption to a minimum
  • Ensure you know how to contact us

Contact Information

During the works there will be local representatives on site from our main contractor C Spratt Multi Utility who can be contacted and answer any questions that you may have, you can also call us on 0141 445 4738 or Email:

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