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Project Corra Linn

We’re investing over £2 million to modernise our network in New Lanark.

Working in the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Corra Linn and Bonnington Substations will help make our network more resilient and reliable, bringing benefits to 8,726 customers. The modernisation of our substations involves replacing two transformers and an 11kV switchboard over six phases.

We have a key strategic role in the facilitating of renewable generation in Scotland and as a result, a significant level of modernisation is ongoing on our network to enable a net-zero emission future. This project will help us to continue to support the hydro-generation station, powered by the Falls of Clyde, which brings immense benefits on the surrounding environment and community.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is committed to protecting nature and the wildlife which are being damaged due to climate change. Together through our partnership, we’re dedicated to reaching the targets set by the Scottish Government.
We aim to complete the project within 12-18 months. 

Background to the Project

Lanark’s hydro-electric plant is believed to be the UK’s oldest plant, dating back to after World War I, after parliamentary approval for the scheme was granted in 1924, and work beginning in 1926. It was developed to meet demand for electricity in Lanarkshire after war.

The power stations associated with the Lanark hydro-electric scheme are located at Bonnington and Stonebyres on the River Clyde in South Lanarkshire, powered by three waterfalls, known collectively as the Falls of Clyde. The hydro-electric plant delivers electricity to more than 15,000 homes.

By replacing both substations and the 11kV switchboard, the network will no longer restrain the generation that is developed at the power station. 

Contact Information

Should you require any further information on this project please make contact via the following phone number or email address:

John McMahon
Project Manager
SP Energy Networks

For any out of hours emergencies please call – 0800 092 9290



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