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Project FUSION – Homeowner Survey

Our Project FUSION team would like to hear from homeowners in East Fife who either have low carbon technologies installed, or who may currently be looking into installing them in the near future.

Why complete this form?

We are looking for homeowners in the East Fife area who are willing and able to participate in a project trial, which will help us to manage your local network more cost-effectively than traditional reinforcement allows. Only homeowners with eligible technologies installed in their premises can participate. The list of eligible technologies is provided in the questionnaire below.  If you have any of those technologies installed already, or if you are considering installing them and would like to receive advice we can offer on financial support available etc, we’d like to hear from you.  

Please complete this short online survey form and a member of our team will contact you.

Before submitting this form, please read the Project FUSION privacy notice.

You can also find out more on the FUSION project here: SP Energy Networks Project FUSION.

* Type of technologies you currently have installed:

* Type of technologies you might be interested in installing?

* Do you have a Smart Meter installed?

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* Please tick this box to confirm you have read our privacy notice (linked above) which details how we will process your personal data.

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Please refer to our Privacy Policy to understand how your data is treated once submitted via this form.

What is Project FUSION?

FUSION is a £5.67M innovation project being delivered by SP Energy Networks and part-funded by Ofgem. Its aim is to trial an innovative ‘flexibility market’ in East Fife that will allow us to manage the local network more intelligently and cost-effectively. Operating the network ‘flexibly’ means we can meet local demand requirements whilst ensuring stability and security of supply, and enables more low carbon technologies to connect – ultimately contributing to the UK’s ambitious net zero targets.



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