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Quotation Options

At SP Energy Networks we offer a range of quote options to suit your requirements. Provision of these options vary in cost and timescales.  To apply for any of the following quotation options please email

The summary below will help you to decide which option to apply for:

Formal Quotation

A Formal Quotation is an Offer from SP Energy Networks to you that is valid for a period of 3 calendar months. There is no cost to prepare this offer however you will need to submit the correct application form along with the relevant information on application to allow us to process without any hesitation. We must provide a formal offer within our guaranteed level of service.

Budget Estimate

If you are unable to make a Formal Application because the information required for us to prepare a Formal Quotation is not available, or you are not in a position to progress to the construction phase, we can provide an indication of the costs by means of a Budget Estimate.  There is no charge for us to prepare and issue a budget estimate and we will provide this within the relevant Guaranteed Standard timescales.

Feasibility Study

Prior to making a Formal Application you may request that a feasibility study is undertaken to establish the viability of making a connection. We will carry out network studies and provide an indicative connection assessment. There is a charge for this service. We will advise you of the cost, and require payment, prior to undertaking network studies.  Timescales to provide the Feasibility Study will be agreed with you in advance.


An enhanced hybrid of the Feasibility Study and the Budget Estimate is also available. This free service allows you to know quickly whether or not a connection is possible within project budget and whether there are a range of connection options available.  On submission of limited information, we will provide estimates based on three different capacity options.  For generation connections, should one of these options be taken forward within 5 days, your generation queue position is considered to be the date you requested Quote+.

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