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SP Energy Networks is continually seeking to improve the service we provide and, by listening to our customer’s views, we have enhanced our called Quote+ offering, making it available to a wider range of customers.

Our customers have told us that often an indicative feasibility study does not meet their requirements, given there are no Guaranteed Standards for completion, no way of securing a place within an interactive generation queue and no knowledge of the capacity available before network reinforcement is triggered.

Customers often wish to know quickly whether or not a connection is possible within project budget and whether there are a range of connection options available.

The highlights of Quote+ are:

  • You can request up to 3 connection capacity options to be considered at a particular location
  • We will provide you with an estimate within 20 working days for each of the options requested
  • If you are seeking a generation connection then, if you choose to progress with a formal connection application for one of the options proposed within 5 working days, we will maintain your place in the queue as the date you requested Quote+
  • If you are seeking a demand connection your offer will remain valid for a period of three months, during which time you may request one of these options be progressed to a formal quotation

To Apply for Quote+:

We require the following information which should be sent to

  • Maximum of three demand or generation capacity requests
  • Generator Co-Ordinates (generation connections only)
  • Site Address and Layout Drawing with Landowner Boundary
  • Letter of Authority from the Landowner

View further details  of the Quote + process.



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