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RADAR Training Materials

The RAdAR system manages the Competition in Connection activities and is the interface with ICPs.

The original guides and Captivate Video Demonstrations, which are training simulations of the modules of the system, are available below in the section titled “Original User Guides” however there are now revised documents which are available below in the "Revised User Guides" section.

In the future, if there are any updates to these User Guides, you will be notified through the Competition in Connections newsletters to check the version on the internet.

If you require any further information or have any questions, please email For additional support, please contact the CiC admin team, who will arrange for someone to contact you to discuss your requirements.

RAdAR Training Videos (Added April 2018)

1. System Admin

2. Point of Connection Application

3. Design Application

4. Daily Whereabouts





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