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Reducing your Energy Bills

As a distribution network operator, we do not receive monthly bill payments from our customers, however we do understand that heating your home - particularly during winter months – can be a challenge. If you would like free, impartial advice on heating your home and reducing your energy bills, complete our quick form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

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There are lots of changes you can make to keep your home warm and save money on your energy bills:

Switching energy supplier could save you up to £300 a year. Save £80 a year by turning your thermostat down 1 degree. 21.5°c is the ideal temperature in living areas. Switching to LED bulbs will save you up to £180 over their lifetime. Save £20 a year by draught-proofing your home. Save £139 a year by installing energy efficient white goods. Gadgets on standby cost £30 a year- switch them off at the wall. Heat food using a microwave where possible – it’s cheaper than using a hob.



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