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Regulation & Consents

SP Energy Networks is a regulated business. We must meet certain criteria in order to meet our licence conditions. You can find further details in our regulation and guidance leaflets below:

In 2010, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) developed new Connections Standard Licence Conditions (SLC) and Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP) pertaining to metered and unmetered electricity connections services provided by DNOs. The purpose of the standards is to ensure that customers are guaranteed a good level of service and are compensated when they do not. The GSoP that have been developed are backed by SLC15A.

In 2012 Ofgem introduced the new Broader Customer Service Measures to ensure that all network companies deliver a good customer service.

More information on the standard licence conditions and broader customer service measures is available.

Guaranteed Standards for Connections: Notice of Rights

Guaranteed Standards were introduced by our regulator, Ofgem, to ensure that all customers sourcing connections are provided with a good level of service.

Should we not meet the Guaranteed Standards set by Ofgem, we will pay compensation the customer concerned.

For information regarding the Guaranteed Standards that apply to your project, click here.

Quotation Accuracy Scheme

This scheme allows you to assess whether the quotation you have received is accurate in terms of consistency with our published Statement of Methodology and Charges.

Once you have received your quotation, you can compare the cost with those within our Statement of Methodology and Charges. This scheme only applies to customers requiring small scale connections or modifications (1-4 domestic premises at low voltage or a single premise requiring one, two or three phase connections).

If our quotation falls outside the range of costs in our Statement of Methodology and Charges without a reasonable explanation, you may be entitled to a compensation payment.

Further information and guidance is provided below:

Terms & Conditions

Our terms and condition documents are available in PDF format below.

Our Approach to securing Land Rights

To get you connected to our network, we often need to secure appropriate land rights in order to locate our equipment or cables on your land or a third parties land.

The term land rights is used as a collective term to cover the acquisition of property rights, such as freehold and leasehold interests, a lease or purchase or servitudes, easements or wayleaves, that SP Energy Networks will require to be in place before we can make a connection for you to our network. In order to ensure the works are undertaken in a lawful manner we may also require ‘statutory planning’ consents such as a section 37 consent to install an overhead line or a planning consent to construct a substation. Other environmental consents, licences or permits may also be required for work in or around certain sensitive ecological habitats or species, water bodies or cultural heritage sites, some of which may have significant statutory protection.

The key principle underpinning SPENS approach to securing land rights is a presumption that a secure right will be sought in the first instance. Such an approach ensures that SPEN can maintain an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system of electricity distribution as required to meet our statutory licence conditions. However, on occasion we recognise that we may require to depart from this presumption in order to secure the most ‘appropriate’ rights in the circumstance. In certain circumstances we may accept a wayleave as an alternative, but this will be determined on a case by case basis.

We would ask you to take the following key factors into consideration when planning your project:

  • We require the consent of the land owner prior to beginning any works
  • The timescales associated with obtaining third party agreement may affect your project's delivery
  • We do not seek such consents until you have accepted our quotation
  • The price on our quotation is given subject to all consents being agreed
  • Where consents are refused a new design and quotation will be required
  • We cannot undertake any works on third party land until all consents have been agreed

The Document below sets out SPENs approach to obtaining land rights for connections customers. The purpose of this guide is to explain in what situations land rights may be required as part of your connection, what types of land rights may be required, how long these may take to obtain and who is responsible at the various stages throughout the process. (This guide is applicable to connections where we are providing ‘full works’. This is where we will complete all of the works in relation to your connection).

To further assist, we have provided the associated lease and servitude templates which may be required as part of your connection. See the links to these below: