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Request for a new Dataset

This form will only take a few minutes to complete and should be used to submit requests to SP Energy Networks for datasets that are not already published on our SPENOpenDataPortal. Please firstly check our sites to ensure that they are not already available.  

Note: this request form does not allow you to save and continue later and prior to completing the form you should refer to  SP Energy Networks Privacy Policy - SP Energy Networks.

If you require any assistance with the completion of this form, please contact


Request for New Dataset

Contact Information

* Requester Field of interest or Industry

Nature of Request. How would you categorise your request?

(A) GIS SHAPEFILES - information about our distribution and/or transmission network assets.

Please specify your data request in as much detail as possible, and select the relevant attributes that you require in the check boxes below. Please include details of the intended use of the data to help ensure we provide the relevant information.

Note: In order to be granted access to our GIS Shapefiles you will need to sign up to our Open Data Portal.

* What SPEN licence area does your request relate to? Select all that apply:

* What electricity voltage does your request relate to? Select all that apply:

* Are any linear assets required? Select all that apply:

* Are any non-linear assets required? Select all that apply:

Please refer to our Privacy Policy to understand how your data is treated once submitted via this form.




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