RIIO-ED2 Business Plan Annexes

These are the annexes and supplementary documentation we’ve compiled that support our core RIIO-ED2 Business Plan document. They include detailed information on each one of our proposals, key outputs and strategic priorities.

For clarity we have produced a summary document of the publication status of our annexes and supplementary documents.

Annex Publication Summary

This is a complete list of all the documents we have submitted to Ofgem in support of our business plan, alongside the publication status of each Annex. Where an Annex contains information that is commercially sensitive or privileged, we may not have published it, or may have published a redacted version. We have published the large majority of information, however where we haven’t - we have provided an explanation.

Ofgem Minimum Requirements Index Sheet

Ofgem published the final version of the RIIO-ED2 Business Plan guidance in September 2021. This sets out the information they expect to see in RIIO-ED2 Business Plans and how they will assess those plans. This document outlines how our plan aligns to the minimum requirements set out in this final version of business plan guidance.

Ofgem Outputs Mapping Table

This provides a summary of outputs, uncertainty mechanisms and Consumer Value Propositions.

RIIO-ED2 Business Plan Narrative Change Log

This document outlines how our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan has evolved from our draft submission in July 2021 to our final submission in December 2021. This gives a general overview of changes for each of the chapters throughout our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan.

Board Assurance Statement

This document sets out the Board Assurance Statement for the plan and details why we are confident the content and associated costs have been tested for accuracy, ambition and efficiency.

Executive Summary Document

This Business Plan Summary document provides an overview of the most important points of our plan – including an overview our strategy, ambitions and projected financials for the RIIO-ED2 period. This document is intended as a high-level overview of our plan and can be used to gain an understanding of the key aspects. For full information please always refer to our main RIIO-ED2 Business Plan.



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