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RIIO-ED2: Customer Engagement Group

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CEG report in response to SP Energy Networks' RIIO-ED2 Business Plan, published on 1 December 2021

Over the last two years, the CEG has carried out a robust process of providing independent challenge to SP Energy Networks on the approach taken in the business plan for the RIIO-ED2 price control period.

Their focus has been to ensure the plan appropriately reflects the needs and preferences of consumers and stakeholders. The CEG have now (Monday 17 January 2022) published their final report in response to the RIIO-ED2 Business Plan.

You can download a copy of the CEG's response here

You can also download the CEG's previous response to SP Energy Networks' draft RIIO-ED2 Business Plan that was published on 1 July 2021 here.

The Customer Engagement Group (CEG) for SP Energy Networks are a vital part in the development of our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan

They’re an independent panel consisting of industry experts who provide crucial external examination of our plans to assess if we’re adequately addressing the needs and preferences of our customers and stakeholders.

Their remit extends to how we engage with our stakeholders, how we manage our approach to expenditure and how we account for regional variations in network planning.

The CEG met monthly to review our proposals before our business plan was submitted to Ofgem in December 2021. They provide us with an important external perspective, feedback, and challenge, and have full access to our emerging thinking and senior directors.

ED2 Customer Engagement Group

A message from the Chair


I’m delighted to have been appointed SP Energy Networks’ Customer Engagement Group Chair at such an important time for the business, and indeed for the future of electricity in Great Britain.

The electricity sector is undergoing the most rapid transformation in recent memory - to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets set by governments, harness new technologies, and ensure that our electricity system can cope with the expected boom in electric vehicle sales across the country.

Network companies need to act, and act fast, but because of the uncertainty surrounding exactly how the sector will need to evolve, it’s more important than ever that customers and stakeholders, who pay for these services through their electricity bills, have a seat at the table, and have their views taken seriously.

The CEG will be challenging SP Energy Networks on a range of factors, such as the company’s overall priorities and understanding of the changes occurring in the energy industry on a national and local level, it’s approach to innovation, future network requirements, and support for vulnerable customers.

Above all else, the electricity networks of the future must operate in a fair, efficient and transparent manner, protecting the interests of all consumers and I look forward to working with the CEG and SP Energy Networks over the coming years to make sure these principles are upheld.

John Howard
CEG Chair

Meet the group

Following an extensive recruitment process led by the Group’s Chair, John Howard, the CEG will meet monthly, working alongside senior managers and directors to scrutinise the development of our next business plan.

Our RIIO-ED2 business plan will be submitted to Ofgem for approval at the end of 2021, setting out the investment required to help communities achieve a zero carbon future.

The CEG met for the first time in January 2020, where members were introduced to key individuals of the RIIO-ED2 project team as well as our CEO and Director of Network Planning and Regulation, before being given an overview of our business, customers, regulatory framework, and external environment.

John Howard, Chair of the CEG, said: “I am very pleased that we have been able to assemble such an impressive group of experts to take on this important work. The business plan will be an extensive, technical and complex document requiring sufficient expertise to scrutinise it properly and I am delighted to have been able to attract members with a wealth of experience in the energy industry and beyond.

“Although the group has been newly established, I’ve been struck by the enthusiasm and rigour demonstrated by the group thus far and relish the opportunity to work constructively with both the group, SP Energy Networks and the energy regulator Ofgem, over the coming months. This will help ensure the company’s business plan is underpinned by the needs and expectations of its consumers and stakeholders.”

Find out more about our diverse and highly-experienced CEG members.

ED2 Customer Engagement Group


You'll find key documents and updates from the Customer Engagement Group here.

DateDocument overviewDownload
January 2022The CEG's focus has been to ensure the plan appropriately reflects the needs and preferences of consumers and stakeholders. The CEG have published their final report in response to the RIIO-ED2 Business Plan.Response to SP Energy Networks' final RIIO-ED2 Business Plan
January 2022RIIO-ED2 Customer Engagement Group (CEG) Challenge LogChallenge Log
August 2021As part of the RIIO-ED2 price control process Ofgem requires the Customer Engagement Group (CEG) to challenge SP Energy Networks regarding whether the company’s business plan addresses the needs and preferences of consumers and stakeholders.  On Tuesday 3 August the Customer Engagement Group published its response to the draft RIIO-ED2 Business Plan. Response to SP Energy Networks' draft RIIO-ED2 Business Plan
September 2020 An overview of the CEG's purpose - including roles, responsibilities, membership, independence and transparency.SP Energy Networks CEG Terms of Reference
September 2020An overview of establishment and scope of the CEG.SP Energy Networks CEG Establishment
August 2020Statement on the CEG's Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest.CEG Code of Conduct/Conflicts of Interest

July 2020

This document provides guidance on Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement that will underpin RIIO-2.

RIIO-2 Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement Guidance 

November 2018

These are the Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the RIIO-2 Challenge Group. 

RIIO-2 Challenge Group Terms of Reference 

2020 meetings

2021 meetings

Your feedback, insight and views are at the heart of all our future plans. 

If you're interested in getting involved, you have a question or you'd like to share any information with the Customer Engagement Group - please email our RIIO-ED2 mailbox



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