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Our RIIO-T3 Business Plan

We are currently developing our 2026 to 2031 Transmission Business Plan. This page will be updated regularly over the coming months. Page contents include:

Stakeholder Engagement
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Transmission tower and overhead lines


The Scottish and UK Governments have set ambitious decarbonisation targets for Net Zero by 2045 and 2050 respectively and the next decade will be crucial in preparing the grid for the increase in electricity demand resulting from decarbonisation of society and the economy. 

Our network will be crucial to the solutions needed to meet these targets and prevent runaway climate change. We plan collaboratively and strategically, for the future, to make sure our network plays its crucial role in the most cost-effective way. 

The electricity sector is currently operating in the 'RIIO-2' delivery period which for electricity transmission network owners runs from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2026 (RIIO-T2). View our RIIO-T2 Business Plan 

The next ‘RIIO-3’ delivery period for electricity transmission network owners will run from 1 April 2026 to 31 March 2031 (RIIO-T3). Ofgem published its Sector Specific Methodology Consultation on 13 December 2023 with a decision due in May 2024. Our plan for RIIO-T3 will be developed over this year with input from our stakeholders and will be published in December 2024.  

Our RIIO-T3 Business Plan will set out proposed investment in the transmission network and other initiatives that will be key enablers to achieving government Net Zero ambitions. It will increase the security of supplies of energy, help to protect consumers from the dangers of climate change and will help generate growth, jobs and investment. 

The investment detailed in our Transmission Business Plan will be at an unprecedented scale to facilitate Net Zero.


The journey of developing our RIIO-T3 Business Plan is well underway. Key milestones include:  

Business Plan development and Stakeholder EngagementOngoing
Ofgem Sector Specific Methodology Consultation (SSMC)December 2023 to March 2024
Ofgem Sector Specific Methodology Decision (SSMD)June 2024
RIIO-T3 Business Plan publicationDecember 2024 
Ofgem Draft Determination (DD)Expected Q2 2025 
Ofgem Final Determination (FD)Expected Q4 2025 
RIIO-T3 Business Plan delivery period beginsApril 2026 

Stakeholder Engagement 

Throughout the development of our RIIO-T3 Business Plan, we will engage extensively to ensure the plan we produce fully recognises the requirements of our stakeholders and commands their support. 

There will be a variety of engagement opportunities including surveys, webinars and events. If you are interested in our services and projects, if our work has the potential to impact you, or if you have an influence over the work we do, then you are a stakeholder. We want to know your views on our plans, so that we can deliver the best service possible. 

Complete this online form to register as a stakeholder.  

Independent Net Zero Advisory Council (INZAC) 

As part of the RIIO-3 Enhanced Engagement Framework, networks must have an Independent Stakeholder Group (ISG) in place to provide scrutiny in development of the RIIO-T3 Business Plan. Members of the Independent Net Zero Advirsory Council (INZAC). From Left to Right; Matthew Cole, Dan Thomas, Martin Kearns, R

We have established an Independent Net Zero Advisory Council (INZAC), which will have a vital part to play in the development of our RIIO-T3 Business Plan, scrutinising both the technical plans as well as ensuring any emerging customer issues are fully considered.  



RIIO-3 Sector Specific Methodology Consultation 

On 6 March 2024, we submitted our comprehensive response to Ofgem's RIIO-3 Sector Specific Methodology Consultation (SSMC). This consultation is a key step in informing Ofgem’s decisions that are critical to the development of Electricity Transmission network and Gas Network investment plans for the next decade. Ofgem will publish its Sector Specific Methodology Decision in June 2024, setting out the high-level regulatory framework and guiding the development of our RIIO-T3 Business Plan. 


Contact us 

If you have any enquiries about our RIIO-T3 Business Plan, please email us on  



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