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Severe Weather Warning

Wednesday 24 January - 16:30pm 

Storm Isha/Jocelyn

We have now safely restored power to all our customers who have been affected by Storm Isha/Jocelyn.

There are currently no severe weather warnings in place affecting our distribution licence areas.

We would still however advise you to be prepared for a power cut, so:

  • Have the national 105 emergency helpline on hand – it’s best to keep this on the fridge or saved in the contacts on your mobile phone. Report any power cuts immediately.
  • Store a battery or wind-up torch – leave this somewhere you can access easily so you can use the torch to check on the fuse box and make your way around the house safely.
  • Beware of fallen power lines – power lines may have fallen because of heavy snow so beware of this when venturing out of your home. Always treat them as live and report them right away by calling 105.
  • Keep your mobile charged – having your mobile phone charged means you can give us a call on the national 105 emergency helpline. It’s also worth having an analogue phone as this doesn’t run off the main electricity supply.
  • Keep the heat in – if your power does go out, your heating might not work so keep extra blankets nearby and close window shutters, blinds or curtains to help keep the heat in. 
If you have a powercut call 105 to report it and we will keep you updated by text or voice alert messaging whilst our engineers are working to restore your power.  We also have a Priority Services Register for customers who may need extra support in a power cut. Find out more here
Click here for the latest information and updates about known power cuts in your area or visit our Twitter channel @spenergynetwork

For more indepth information about the weather where you live, visit the Met Office website.

Being Prepared

Click here for useful hints and tips on how to prepare for a power cut, or here for information about what to do and how to contact us in the event of a power cut.

Contact Numbers

Keeping our Customers Safe

If you come across any damage to our network please call us on the number for your area shown below, and stay on the line to speak to an advisor:

If there are cables on or near the ground, please keep clear of them. These may still be live and able to conduct electricity through damp ground or metallic objects. If they are in roads or on footpaths, firstly dial 999, please stay on site if you can, tell the police and help keep passers-by well away, then also call us to advise and we will dispatch a team.

Vulnerable Customers

We are committed to keeping our most vulnerable customers informed with the latest information in the event of a power cut. If you haven’t already registered on our Priority Service Register (PSR) but need some additional help please get in touch with us via our website or by calling our dedicated PSR line on 0330 10 10 167 or you can text PSR to 61999 and someone will get back to you.



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