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Archived Documents 

Innovation Strategy

Innovation is at the core of what we do in SP Energy Networks.  Our innovation focus remains firmly centred on our customers and stakeholders, who shape both our Innovation Strategy and innovation project portfolio.  Our strategy document outlines our innovation strategy for 2018 and beyond. 

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Sustainability and Environment Documents

Sustainable Business Strategy

Our Sustainable Business Strategy supports our aims to efficiently manage and develop our network in support of the low carbon transition and achieve neutral or positive environmental and social impacts. Our annual Sustainability Plan lays out the actions we are taking to deliver the aims of the Strategy.

Transmission Annual Sustainability Statement

We are pleased to present our SP Transmission Annual Environmental Report 2022-23. This statement outlines the key 2022-23 initiatives supporting our aim to achieve high standards of environmental management while moving closer to a low carbon energy system.

Distribution Environment and Innovation Report

We are pleased to present the 2022-23 SP Distribution Environment & Innovation Report for SP Energy Networks activity in the SP Distribution and SP Manweb licence areas. The purpose of the report is to communicate environmental and innovation performance in line with the RIIO-ED1 Business Plan 2015–23.

Climate Change Adaptation Report: Round 3 update, December 2021

The UK Climate Change Act (2008) gave the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) the power to require companies to report on their preparedness for climate change, under the Adaptation Reporting Power (ARP). This report captures our third-round update to DEFRA, including an assessment of:

  • The current and future predicted effects of climate change on our organisation - this includes how we have identified and assessed the risks to our network & business from climate change.
  • Our proposals for adapting to climate change - this includes how we have identified the resulting optimal actions & mitigation plan to the threats from climate change.

Stakeholder Engagement Reports












Our Distribution Network Operator Vision

As the UK builds towards a low carbon future, the nature of the electricity grid is changing.

Consumers no longer rely solely on centralised energy generation to meet their electricity demands. There are increasing volumes of smaller distributed generation and Low Carbon technologies such as electric vehicles being connected to the network. As network operators we need to adapt to meet these challenges whilst maintaining low cost, reliable energy distribution for our customers. It is our view that the right way to adapt is to extend the current role of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), to that of a Distribution System Operator (DSO). 

We believe that there is a need to accelerate industry debate on the precise roles and responsibilities of a future DSO. In March we instigated an SP Energy Networks DSO Steering group. The first outcome of this group is a consultation on Our DSO Vision, which outlines our views on the expanded roles and responsibilities of SPEN as a DSO. As one of our stakeholders we welcome your views on this document.

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