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Our Mission Statement

" We will engage with our customers and stakeholders through a range of tailored mechanisms to identify and address their wants and needs whilst delivering value for money services"

Talking to each other helps to improve the service we provide for you.

Does our work have the potential to affect you? Are you connected to our network?  Perhaps you are simply interested in our services and projects?  If so, you are one of our valued stakeholders.

Your opinion matters to us and we are committed to improving our services based on your insights and point of view.  Last year alone we engaged with more than 170 organisations who gave us valuable direction and suggestions across an array of subjects where we shared common ground. From homeowners to governments, students to suppliers, charities to advocacy groups - there are no boundaries for SP Energy Networks when it comes to seeking out opinions in order to continually improve our services.

Would you like to have your say?   Register as a stakeholder and get involved!

Firstly, registering as a stakeholder will allow you to be in control of what you want to say to us. It’s easy, and takes less than two minutes to complete.

We will then invite you to a range of engagement opportunities such as workshops, conferences, meetings and consultations based on what you tell us you are interested in when you register as a stakeholder. We believe that every interaction we have with you is beneficial - and our current stakeholders also believe they gain a lot from our engagement.

83% of attendees at our last conferences in Scotland, England and Wales believed that we would implement their suggestions, with 100% agreeing that they would like to return to similar events.

Online Engagement

We understand that you can’t always be available to talk to us in person, and because we strive to be as transparent as possible with our stakeholders, we have an online community so you never need to miss out.

You can access materials we present at our engagement events and you can talk to other stakeholders, discuss topics and previous events, take part in surveys and tell us how we can improve on any events you are able to attend.

It’s very simple to use - and is a little like your own SP Energy Networks social network. It’s a straightforward process to become a member and have instant access to a library of our previous engagement work.

Contact Us

For further information or questions please email us directly.

Read our stakeholder engagement strategy, and all other stakeholder engagement reports here.

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