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We want to engage with you to make our services better

Who are our stakeholders?

If you are interested in our services and projects, if our work has the potential to impact you, or if you have an influence over the work we do, then you are a stakeholder. We want to know your views on our plans, so that we can deliver the best service possible.

We already work with a wide range of stakeholders, including domestic customers, local authorities, charities, other utilities, people wishing to connect to our network, school pupils, vulnerable customers and innovators amongst others.

Stakeholder Engagement

Registering as a stakeholder is easy, and enables you to have your say on our projects and services. Register here.

What do we mean by stakeholder engagement?


Finding out what our stakeholders want and need helps us to improve our services. In short, stakeholder engagement means the process of:

  • identifying our stakeholders and shared priorities
  • asking stakeholders what they think, and
  • changing our business based on their responses

Engaging with stakeholders helps us to give our customers more of what they want, and makes us a more resilient, efficient and competitive business.

Our simple Stakeholder Engagement Strategy gives more information about our process for engagement.

Our annual Stakeholder Engagement reports include sections that describe our engagement process for Distribution, and Transmission. There are also a selection of flagship case studies which highlight our best engagement for Distribution, Customer Vulnerability and Transmission.

How can I get involved?

Registering as a stakeholder is easy, and enables you to have your say on our projects and services. Register here.

Each year, we hold a wide range of engagement workshops, conferences, meetings and consultations at a local and national level, to gather views on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Connections
  • Consumer Vulnerability
  • Customer Service
  • Environment
  • Innovation
  • Jobs and Skills 
  • Reliability
  • Public Safety

Our Stakeholder Events page gives the details of many of these engagements.

We also have two active communities of customers and stakeholders who give their opinions online, through our Customer and Stakeholder Online Communities. Our Customer Online Community discusses improvements to the services that domestic customers experience, such as the readability of customer leaflets, and our Stakeholder Online Community discusses the strategic challenges that our industry faces, and informs how our business evolves to meet them.

Registering as a community member is simple and lets you get involved from the comfort of your own home or office.

Where can I find further information?

  • Stakeholder Events gives details of many of the key stakeholder events that we hold each year.
  • Stakeholder Reports provides the annual stakeholder-facing reports from across our business.
  • Strategic Stakeholder Panels provides an introduction and overview of our regular Strategic Stakeholder Panels.
  • Partnerships provides information on the partnerships we have formed to provide better information and services to our customers and stakeholders.
  • Vulnerability Stakeholder Initiatives gives an overview of our initiatives to reduce the risk of vulnerability and to support those who are more likely to be significantly impacted by us.
  • Connections Stakeholder Information links to our specific information for those stakeholders interested in the connection of generation or demand onto our network.
  • Click here to register as a Stakeholder and be made aware of relevant engagement opportunities.
  • Click here to join our Online Communities.

For any other questions, please get in touch