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Stakeholder Engagement

A Stakeholder is any person, group or organisation who can affect or be affected by our services and projects. This incorporates those who have an interest in our activities and/ or power to influence the delivery of them. We work together with our stakeholders, to ensure mutual understanding, minimise risk, shape projects and ultimately improve the services we provide. 

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Our Mission Statement

“Our engagement places our stakeholders and customers at the centre of what we do. With a tailored and locally focused approach, we will prioritise their wants and needs in a consistent manner across our business. We will deliver safe, reliable services, sustainable value, and a better future, quicker."


Our Principles

Our five principles drive all of our engagement efforts, working in coordination to deliver our mission statement.

  • Inclusive: We engage all customers and stakeholders impacted through our work, with a specific focus to ensure those who may be hard to reach are given a voice.
  • Authentic: Our engagement works to understand significant issues affecting our customers and stakeholders, before acting on them in a meaningful way.
  • Tailored: The approach we take to engagement ensures that each initiative is planned and delivered in the most appropriate way for the specific purpose and stakeholders in question.
  • Value-for-money: An inherent focus, we prioritise efficient spending on engagement activities, aiming to maximise the overall customer benefit.
  • Innovative: We aim to better our approach each year, continually looking for new methods to improve how we engage and deliver against wants and needs.

With our mission statement setting out our ambition and our principles stating the underlying characteristics of our activities, we have a defined, approach to engagement. For more information on how we plan, review and close engagement activities, read our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. Our approach aligns with AccountAbility’s AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (2015) which is founded on the principles of: Inclusivity, Materiality, Responsiveness, and Impact. 

Where We Engage

Each year, we review our engagement priorities against our three strategic pillars: developing a safe, secure, and resilient network that’s ready for Net Zero, being the trusted partner for our customers, communities, and stakeholders, and innovating to ready our business for a digital and sustainable future.  Interested to find out more?  Explore our key areas for engagement below:

Develop a Network that's Ready for Net Zero

Network Planning Distribution System Operator Whole Systems

Be the Trusted Partner for Customers, Communities, and Stakeholders

Customer Service Consumer Vulnerability Community Energy

Ready our Business for a Digital and Sustainable Future

Sustainability Net Zero Workforce Data & Digitalisation

To get involved with upcoming engagement opportunities in each of these exciting areas, please visit Engage360, our official engagement management platform, and register your interest.

Are you a Stakeholder?

Does our work have the potential to affect you? Are you connected to our network?  Perhaps you are simply interested in our services and projects? 

We’re keen to hear from all of our stakeholders and provide opportunities for you to participate. Through our engagement portal you can register as a stakeholder, and find out more about opportunities to get involved – from workshops, surveys, and meetings, to larger events and other opportunities.

Our engagement portal is part of our stakeholder management database, Tractivity - where we hold details of more than 13,000 stakeholders, including more than 5000 different organisations. We’d love for you to be part of that.

To contact us directly, email our team:

Boundaries of Disclosure: Stakeholder Engagement Information Handling




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