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Connections Stakeholder Information

Welcome to our Connections Stakeholder Information page. If you would like to receive regular updates on our stakeholder activities please email

Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE) Submission 2016 / 2017

The needs of large, commercial connection customers can be different to the needs of smaller, domestic connections customers. To address this, Ofgem introduced ICE (Incentive on Connections Engagement) which ensures that Distribution Network Operators(such as SP Eenrgy Networks) continually listen, adapt and change to meet the needs of this type of customer

Each year we publish a detailed work plan that is developed by working closely with our stakeholders. You can view details of our commitments for 2016/17 and take a look back at the progress that has been achieved, by clicking the link below.

We’re keen to ensure we continue to understand the needs of our connections customers and welcome feedback on all aspects of our work plan. Please contact us at

Surveys and Consultations

Land Rights Issues Survey

In order to identify further improvements that could be made to the approach to obtaining land lights within the connection process, we undertook a survey directed specifically at land rights issues.

26 surveys were issued and 3 (11%) were returned. Whilst the sample returned cannot be seen as representative of those surveyed, we have reviewed the responses and consider them valuable in identifying opportunities for further improvement in our connection process.

Communication appeared to be the key theme where improvements require to be considered. These communication issues seem to correspond with interfaces within both the team and the connections process. Respondents identified the need to improve the provision of land rights information throughout the connection process, from acceptance stage through to progress updates from the Project Manager. Whilst we have recently published land rights material on our website there seemed to be little knowledge of this information.  One responded recognised that we had taken direct action following poor performance of a Land Officer and the replacement had performed well.

Where relevant, we will now develop an action plan to identify improvements to address the issues raised.

Connections Service Improvement Survey

We are continually striving to improve how we ‘get you connected’ and the service that we provide.

Your feedback is essential so that we can focus and identify the areas where we need to make improvements.  Our improvement survey should only take 5 minutes to complete and contains only few key questions that we would like your views on.

Please click here.

Electrical Energy Storage (EES) – A Supplementary Connection Guide

This document is aimed at Developers who are seeking to connect an Electrical Energy Storage (EES) system to our network.  This includes both first-time Developers and Developers who may have previously made applications to us for the connection of Generation, such as wind or solar PV.  This document aims to provide supplementary information which relates specifically to EES, describing how energy storage differs from Generation (and Demand) specifically in the context of the technical and commercial requirements of its connection to our network.

Consultation on: The minimum information required when making a Connections Application

 We undertook  a review of the information that we need when we receive a new application and opened this consultation to understand our customers/stakeholders views.

Click here to open the Consultation Document.

Consultation on Pricing Policy

We consulted on our Payment Terms that are offered to those who are seeking a load or Distributed Generation connection.  In order to be offered payment terms, projects must meet certain criteria.  We wanted to ensure that these terms were ‘fit for purpose’ and we  welcomed comments on key elements of our Payment Terms Policy.

Click here to open the Consultation Document

Consultation on Queue Management 

The management of contracted capacity and treatment of stalled projects has quickly become one of the biggest issues we face. As a consequence, opportunities for consented sites to progress can be delayed and, in some cases, increased connection costs through additional network reinforcements can occur. 

We have developed alternative means of managing contracted capacity queues and have now finalised our Queue Management Policy, which you can view below:

Click here to open the Consultation Document
Click here to open the Response Form
Click here to open the SPEN Queue Management Policy

Events Calendar

We engage with our stakeholders and customers throughout the year in a variety of events and workshops across our licence areas, feeding back information and progress on our stakeholder and customer challenges, encouraging you to speak to us about any specific issues that you might have such as; constraint on our networks, land rights processes, technical information, network questions to resolve commercial, process and technical issues.  We will publish our upcoming events calendar shortly.  

Connections Stakeholder Panel

Our Stakeholder panel brings together a group of key stakeholders to help us review, and redesign if necessary, the way we manage new connections to our network. We hope that this will bring challenge, new ideas and understanding to mutual benefit.

The aim of the stakeholder working group is to:

  • Build our understanding of stakeholder needs and perspectives
  • Act as a ‘sounding board’ and generator of new ideas and opportunities for collaboration
  • Influence our plans and improvements
  • Inform how we monitor and evaluate progress

Our panel is made up of a cross-sectional population of our Stakeholders. It is essential that the members represent a wide range of key stakeholder group, reflecting the differing needs of our Connections customers


North Panel Members

Allan Cunningham, Morrison Construction
Bob Weaver, PowerCon (UK) Ltd
George Dow, Mactaggart and Mickel
Martin Reilly, Hawthorne Boyle
Stephen Phimister, TUV SUD Ltd

South Panel Members

Arwel Lloyd, UCML, Director
Steve Roberts, Sainsbury’s
Jody Bullock, UPL
Paul Williams, Bellway Homes
Frank Welsh, Peel Utilities
Ian Mowatt, Anglesey Council/Energy Island Programme
Marco Campolucci-Bordi, Green Switch Solutions

Stakeholder Panel Minutes

Stakeholder Panel Minutes