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Stakeholder Newsletters

Stakeholders and Customers influence everything that we do at SP Energy Networks. From our Connections Stakeholder Panels to individual customer input and opinions on completed projects, we constantly seek feedback and use it to drive service improvement.

ICE Newsletter

SPEN ICE Newsletter

To keep you updated with our progress, we will issue regular newsletters; highlighting our key achievements and the challenges in delivering our 2018/19 ICE action plan.

View Connections Engagement (ICE) newsletters below.


Interactivity Process

Land Rights Information Pack for EV Installers

To view the document, click the link below.


Interactivity Process

Low Carbon Technology Examples Information Pack

To view the document, click the link below.


Interactivity Process

Design Guide

SP Energy Networks is proud to launch the Energy Data Hub, which has been created to house all the data that we currently share to help our customers understand more detail about how our network operates.

To view the document, click the link below.


Interactivity Process

Net Zero Knowledge Community

We have developed a 'Net Zero Knowledge Forum' to continue our engagement with community partnerships, local and national government, academic institutions, manufacturers, supplier and developers of LCT's to accelerate the drive to net zero by sharing best practices. Please see Governance presentation, Charter and minutes of the first two meetings.





Interactivity Process

SPEN Islanding Battery Failsafe Diagrams

As part of our inspection regime, your installation may be selected as part of a random sample to ensure safety and quality of work from installers operating within our licence area. No additional costs will be charged for an initial inspection by us as part of this process. If any safety critical non-conformances are found that in our opinion would require a secondary inspection or visit, a charge of £375 plus VAT shall be applied and shall be payable by you. We shall make all possible efforts to ensure that any inspections align with installation where possible to reduce impact to you. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the selected installer is appropriately accredited for the works undertaken i.e. MCS Certification & SELECT registration. To view the document, click the link below.

SPEN Islanding Battery Failsafe Diagrams

Interactivity Process

Earthing Policy Customer Journey Draft Consultation Document

As per our ICE action for 2021 / 22 we committed to provide an earthing customer journey to aid customer in the process. This daft consultation document will enable us to take your feedback to determine if and what changes you would like to see on this prior to the final document and policy being published. To view the document, click the link below and email Stuart Walker if you have any suggestions.


Interactivity Process

SPEN Policy Guidance & Documentation Pack

To view the SPEN Policy Guidance & Documentation Pack, please click the link below.

policy guidance & document pack

Interactivity Process

SPEN Guidance to Help Customers Understand How to Connect to our Network

To view the SPEN Guidance to Help Customers Understand How to Connect to our Network, please click the link below.

understand how to connect to our network

Interactivity Process

SPEN Electric Vehicle Charging Point Connection Process

To view the SPEN EV Charging Point Connection Process, please click the link below.

EV Charging point connection process

Interactivity Process

SPEN Heat Pump Connection Process

To view the SPEN Heat Pump Connection Process, please click the link below.

heat pump connection process

2020 Interactivity Process

To view the 2020 Interactivity Process information, please click the link below.

Interactivity Process

2020 RAdAR System Enhancement Guidance Note

To view the RAdAR System Enhancement Guidance Note, please click the link below.


DocuSign University Expanded Virtual Enablement

To meet increased demand for DocuSign eSignature enablement, DocuSign University has expanded its offerings. Access self-paced training, instructor-led interactive webinars, learning labs, and deep dive courses from their learning portal.

2020 Unmetered Supply

To view the 2020 Unmetered Supply information, please click the links below.

Unmetered Supply Update

ICP Information Pack

To view the 2020 Unmetered Supply information, please click the links below.

ICP Information Pack

ICP Customer Journey

2018 / 19 ICE Telecommunications Action Update

In our Incentive for Connections Engagement Action Plan for 2018 / 19 we committed to exploring the telecommunication element of major connection as a contestable element and looked to pilot this with some of our key stakeholders.

As we are waiting for some of these pilot schemes to be at a stage of readiness for the contestable telecommunication we have decided to publish a high level overview and a more details technical guide to allow other interested stakeholders to review if this is suitable for their own projects.

See Contestable Telecommunication Overview and Technical Review below. If you have any questions please contact us.

2019 Innovation Projects

For further information regarding some of our innovation projects, please click the link below.


2018 Land Rights Stakeholder Panels

SPEN’s Land and Planning team met with over 25 stakeholders at the recent Land Rights Stakeholder Panels across our SPD and SPM licence areas. The success of the Land Rights Stakeholder Panel pilot has led to a commitment to ongoing panels and stakeholder meetings so we hope to see you again soon!

Please read our update below including the Action Plan developed to address the feedback provided by our stakeholders.


We need to know that our work plans reflect what our stakeholders want, so we carry out a variety of connections engagement activities throughout the year tailored to suit the needs of our stakeholders.

In response to stakeholder feedback asking for enhanced opportunities to engage, we have increased the number of opportunities to engage and reached more stakeholders than ever before.

Core engagement, such as Connections Stakeholder Panels and in-depth annual surveys, helps us to shape our strategic direction, confirming stakeholder priorities and identifying new themes as they emerge.

Keep up to date

If you aren’t participating already, we would love for you to be involved.We tailor our engagement in many different ways, so there is always opportunity for all impacted stakeholders to provide feedback on the service we provide and to help us make it better.  If you want to join us and have your say then you can register as a stakeholder and opt-in for connections information. By doing this, you will receive invitations and information that will be relevant to you.

Our strategy aim is to continually improve how we engage with stakeholders across all aspects of our business allowing stakeholders to influence, guide and steer our activities, enabling us to better deliver against our vision as a business.

Want to get involved? Have your say

Our Connections Stakeholder members are representative of our Connections customer base and stakeholders, ensuring that all different types of connecting customers are represented by membership.

Our members are prominent figures within the industry, have a detailed understanding of our connections process and bring constructive challenge. This allows us to obtain a balanced view, build our understanding of stakeholder needs and perspectives, use the panel as a ‘sounding board’ and generator of new ideas and opportunities for collaboration, influencing our plans and proposed improvements. It is essential that the members represent a wide range of key stakeholder group, reflecting the differing needs of our Connections customers.

If you would like further details of our Connections Stakeholder Panel, please get in touch by emailing us at

In 2017/18 we worked very hard to increase opportunities for engagement:

1. Connections Stakeholder Panel - Biannual meetings held with 55+ key players across all market segments in the connections industry, a 57% increase. 2. Annual Stakeholder Surveys - In-depth survey with 500 customers and 4,800+ give the opportunity to provide views on our service and what we could be doing to improve it. 3. Monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey - Survey questions redesigned to to give greater focus to key challenges for our stakeholders and satisfaction increased from 7.2/10 to 7.9/10. 4. Account Management - We have eight account managers who engage with a range of metered, unmetered and distributed generation customers on a daily basis, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

1. Industry Events - We were key speakers at 35+ events over the past year, in which we were open to scrutiny, including the National DG Forum and Scottish Renewables Conference, Smart Energy Wales and Energy Policy for Wales. 2. District Stakeholder Panels / Community Energy Days - We reached over 300+ people at 11 community energy days and district stakeholder panels where we highlighted our plans with out district teams. 3. Customer Workshops - Over 2000+ stakeholders had the chance to attend our various customer workshops, covering topics such as queue management, statement of works, battery storage, export limiting devices, electric vehicles and flexible connections in constrained areas. 4. District Days - 132 district day opportunities for customers to meet local staff and discuss any issues. 5. Website - Our website's connection section received 98,887 hits this year alone. 6. Newsletters / Booklets - Over 250 guides distributed to stakeholders this year, ranging from focused connections newsletters, electric vehicle connections leaflets to information on heat pumps - all direct outputs from feedback from our engagement. 7. Social Media - We use Facebook and Twitter to deliver key messages, we have 5,664 likes and 9,792 followers. 8. Plan Endorsement - Over 1,400 stakeholders were asked to endorse our plan.



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