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Strategic Stakeholder Panels

Making business decisions that support the priorities of our customers and stakeholders now and into the future.

Three times a year in each of our licence areas, we meet with a varied group of external stakeholders to discuss the key strategic decisions we face as a business and gather valuable feedback and advice to help us strengthen our business.

Our three strategic stakeholder panels (SP Distribution, SP Manweb, SP Transmission) bring together representatives from a wide range of sectors and interests, including national government, local government, industry and the third sector.

Each director-led panel delivers regular reports to the Chief Executive and SP Energy Networks Board of Directors to provide external influence over future plans and operations.



We began looking at the idea of forming a strategic stakeholder panel in late 2013, and developed the structure further after speaking in depth to 20 of our key stakeholders and holding two discussion Meetings attended by over 40 delegates in early 2014.

Since 2014, we have continued to refine the structure and content of the panels in partnership with panel members, increasing the number and breadth of expertise in our membership, organising visits for them to better understand our business and adapting the meeting format to suit the subject matter.

Recognising the specific needs of our Transmission business, we held a Transmission Strategic Stakeholder Meeting in March 2016, to better understand the needs of our Transmission stakeholders. This has since led to the formation of the SPT Strategic Panel.


  • Invite challenge, feedback, advice and support on decisions proposed by the SP Energy Networks Board of Directors
  • Provide a forum for open and in-depth discussion with a discrete group of stakeholders who become very well-informed of our business operations
  • Build relationships and identify opportunities for partnership working 

We periodically seek to broaden membership of our panels to increase our understanding of existing and emerging priorities. If you like to be considered, please register as a stakeholder, stating your specialism and that you are interested in becoming a panel member.

  • Click here to view summaries of our stakeholder panels.

If you would like further information on any of our panel meetings, please get in touch.