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Strategic Stakeholder Panels

Our directors are integral to our engagement with our stakeholders.

In each of the licence areas we operate, we meet with our Strategic Stakeholder Panels three times a year. These are director-led and the results are fed back to our Chief Executive and SP Energy Networks board of directors.

These Panels are vital to SP Energy Networks because we need external influences and opinions on the important strategic decisions we face in the current and future fields of energy generation and distribution.

Our three strategic panels (SP Transmission, SP Distribution and SP Manweb) are made up of a range of external stakeholders including national and local governments, industry experts and social consumer groups.

We regularly look to broaden the membership of these panels, so we can remain at the forefront of understanding the existing and emerging priorities of our customers.

If you would like to be considered for one of these panels, please register stating what your area of interest or expertise is, and that you would like to become a panel member.

Our strategic panels have been running for more than four years, and while over that time the format has been refined depending on subject matter and attendees, the main objective - to put our stakeholders first and foremost - has remained the same.

We will always be seeking to:

Invite challenge, feedback, advice and support on decisions proposed by SP Energy Networks’ Board of Directors

Please click here to view summaries of our recent panels. If you would like more information before stating your interest, please contact us.

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