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Substation Modernisation and Reinforcement

As the Licensed Transmission Owner for Central and Southern Scotland, SP Transmissions owns and maintains over 130 high voltage substations that operate at 400, 275 and 132kv playing a central role in the nations energy infrastructure and transition to net zero.

The RIIOT2 period will see in excess of £2 billion being invested in the transmission network with our substation projects ensuring the efficient transportation of electricity around our area and beyond. Transformers situated within the substations allow high voltage electricity to be reduced to the supply level used by us all at home and work. A significant part of our ongoing investment is directed at the modernisation and reinforcement programmes for substations providing a safe, reliable and economic service for all our stakeholders.

Kaimes July 21 11
Kilmarnock South Aerial

The substations are continually monitored and inspected allowing the equipment approaching end of life to be identified and replaced with more efficient apparatus as part of our modernisation programme. The majority of this work is carried out within the confines of the substation itself with little or no effect on the surrounding community.

At certain locations the demand and required changes to the network has increased necessitating the reinforcement of substation equipment to facilitate the larger capacity required.

At times, when the increased demand reaches a certain level, substations may need to be extended or occasionally a new substation is the best option. The planning and delivery of these projects takes place over a number of years with work either currently ongoing or due to take place at a number of the Transmission Network Substations including Kincardine, Glenlee, Windyhill, New Cumnock, Newarthill along with many others.

SP Energy Networks are proud of the central role we perform in the countries move to zero carbon and a more sustainable society.

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