Suspension of Operational Practice (SOP)

The SP Energy Networks Suspension of Operational Practices (SOPs) are provided to ensure that work or testing can be undertaken safely on or near ScottishPower’s electrical and mechanical equipment. They are published for a target audience of third party companies with staff authorised to ScottishPower Safety Rules, Distribution Network Operators and Generator Operators.

We continually update this page by adding, replacing or removing documents.  Please check back regularly to ensure you are using the most current version.

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OPSAF-16-420SOP 420SchneiderCBGS-0 Switchgear2021-04-05
OPSAF-16-416SOP 416AEIJW420 275 kV circuit-breakers2020-10-01
OPSAF-16-407SOP 407
Hawker SiddeleyApplicable to testing and phasing out procedures on Hawkgas HG12 Switchgear2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-406SOP 406ReyrolleLMI RMU Ring Switches (All variants)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-404SOP 404CG Power Systems11kV/200kVA Pole Mounted Transformer2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-403SOP 403Pirelli/Prysmian132kV XLPE Cable/Silicone Oil/Porcelain insulated Cable Sealing Ends2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-402SOP 402LucyLV Boards pre-19702020-01-03
OPSAF-16-401SOP 401TE Connectivity2 and 4-way LV link boxes2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-400SOP 400Hawker SiddeleySwitchgear Falcon Beta RMUs2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-399SOP 399Lucyapplicable to a small number of Lucy VRN2A/VRN6A RMUs2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-398SOP 398
GECVMX-C circuit breakers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-396SOP 396Mid Central Electric11kV/120V 500VA transformers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-394SOP 394SchneiderCircuit Breaker CBGS-02020-01-03
OPSAF-16-393SOP 393GEC11kV and 6.6kV Switchgear types GEC BVRP 500, GEC BVRP 17 and GEC VMX forms A/B/C2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-392SOP 392Long & CrawfordJ4 11kV switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-391SOP 391ArevaFlusarc 33kV RMU busbar connected VTs2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-390SOP 390ArevaSC3D disconnectors2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-388SOP 388ReyrolleOil-filled CT Hairpin type2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-387SOP 387SiemensCircuit Breaker type NX Plus 33kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-384SOP 384VariousAir Break switch disconnectors with LEL interrupter heads at all voltages2020-08-18
OPSAF-16-380SOP 380ABBShielded Pattern LV Fuse Cabinet with 4mm test sockets2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-379SOP 379ArtecheType UJN-36 Voltage Transformer at 33kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-377SOP 377GEC Alstom T&DType FMVG CT/VT at 33kV & 132kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-376SOP 376GEC Alstom T&DType  FMJL CTs at system voltage 132kV, 275kV and 400kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-375SOP 375ReyrolleHadrian SMV Circuit Breaker at system Voltage of 11kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-374SOP 374ReyrolleROKSS Ring Main Units as system voltages of 11kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-373SOP 373Merlin GerinRingmaster RN2C and RN6C Ring Main Units2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-372SOP 372Merlin GerinGenie EVO circuit breakers at system voltage of 11kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-370SOP 370SchneiderEFU - NS2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-368SOP 368Long & CrawfordType GA Switchfuses2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-367SOP 367ReyrolleCircuit Breaker 145SPL1A(C)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-366SOP 366BGS - ABBCircuit Breaker LTB145 D12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-365SOP 365
GEC AlstomT&D FJML CTs (Superseded by SOP376)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-363SOP 363South Wales Switchgeartype IF4X oil switches.2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-362SOP 362BrushOL2 oil switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-361SOP 361Pauwels33kV Earthing Transformers with associated vector changeover switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-360SOP 360Notroll11kV absd Actuator - Comtroll 220AR2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-359SOP 359
L&C and successor companiesT3GF3/T4GF3 RMU GF3 SOP Withdrawn2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-358SOP 358System Power Engineering11kV Retrofit VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-357SOP 357AEIGA6W4 Air Blast Circuit Breakers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-355SOP 355Gevea (Clydesdale Ltd)Pole Mounted ABSD Type GDS152020-01-03
OPSAF-16-354SOP 354South Wales SwitchgearTiger 350 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-353SOP 353GEC11kV Switchgear type BVRP 5002020-01-03
OPSAF-16-352SOP 352Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke Mk II Ring Main Units2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-350SOP 350YorkshireIVIO/F 11KV Oil Circuit Breakers including IVIO13, IVIO13K, IVIO14, IVIF13, IVIF13K and IVIF14) issued by the Energy Networks Association.2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-349SOP 349VariousLV Fusegear and Cutouts2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-348SOP 348AugusteNovexia -  Pole Mounted Switch (SOP 2007/0348/00)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-347SOP 347Hellerman11kV heat shrink boots2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-346SOP 346StatterVLTB and VLTC RMU's2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-345SOP 345ClydesmillClydesmill 275kV Disconnector Units and Busbar Support Insulators2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-344SOP 344Novexia AugustePole Mounted Switch (Soule)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-343SOP 343BrushHSRSD Tap Changer2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-341SOP 341ABBSGF123n100+1E2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-340SOP 340BTH/AEI110kV BTH/AEI VLS Voltage Transformer2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-339SOP 339Bonar Long/EB Nitran/ABB500kVA Dual Ratio Transformers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-338SOP 338DennisSingle way LV Fuse Cabinet2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-337SOP 337L&CRMU Type T3GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-336SOP 336AEIGA6 Air Blast Circuit Breakers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-335SOP 335NKT132kV Cable Sealing End type NKT FEV145-P and 275kV type FEV300-P2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-334SOP 334United UtilitiesPower Isolators Type DSB 132kV double-break (RCP) disconnector with Type PT motor powered mechanism2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-333SOP 333Mid Central ElectricPole Mounted VT - 11/.110 kV 500VA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-332SOP 332South Wales SwitchgearHawkgas 12 Circuit Breakers with Voltage Transformers (Pre 1994)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-331SOP 331Mid Central ElectricPole Mounted VT2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-330SOP 330Johnson & PhillipsFS Switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-329SOP 329VariousCast Resin pole mounted VTs issued by ENA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-328SOP 328VariousPole Mounted Cast Resin VT's2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-327SOP 327ABBCircuit Breaker - VD4 Uniflex2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-326SOP 326GECKRH 33kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-325SOP 325Energo11kV Pole Mounted VT's (200va)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-324SOP 324ABB1600A 7way Shielded Pattern LV Cabinet2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-323SOP 323GEC AlstomFX11 132kV Circuit Breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-322SOP 322GEC11kV VMX Circuit Breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-321SOP 321BrushSwitchgear type VSI and VMV Circuit Breaker housings2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-320SOP 320BTHJB721 11kV Circuit Breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-319SOP 319Yorkshire Switchgear11kV FMS Switchgear with MK 4 contacts. (Updated to include IVI, OFS and AFS types)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-318SOP 318
BrushSwitchgear R4/12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-317SOP 317EsitasEsitas 11 and 22kV Pole Mounted VT's (200va CL3)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-316SOP 316Switchgear & CowansRA6 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-315SOP 315
AEG, Alstom ArevaWS & WI 33kV Switchgear2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-314SOP 314AEIJB424 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-313SOP 313Whipp & BourneGVR 11kV Pole Mounted CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-312SOP 312ReyrolleYMV2 -  11kV circuit breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-311SOP 311LucyPole Mounted Fused Cut Out, Type MPC4002020-01-03
OPSAF-16-310SOP 310Switchgear & Cowans6kV, 6.6kV and 11kV ring main units type RA50, RAO50, RA71 and RAO71.2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-309SOP 309South Wales SwitchgearID4/1 11kV oil switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-308SOP 308SchneiderRE2c extensible RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-307SOP 307
Johnson & PhillipsPDB/PDB - M, TDB, TSB, and JPBF RESTRICTION LIFTED2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-306SOP 306Long & CrawfordR3, R3X, R4, R4X oil switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-305SOP 305ABBVD4/ZS1 11kV circuit breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-304SOP 304South Wales SwitchgearTiger RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-303SOP 303LucySFRMU, SFS1E, SFRMUE2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-302SOP 302Long & CrawfordJ3 / J42020-01-03
OPSAF-16-301SOP 301ABBSentinel 2 RMU Serial number range 241-5342020-01-03
OPSAF-16-300SOP 300Yorkshire SwitchgearType YSF6 11kV and 22kV circuit breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-299SOP 299LucySFRMU -  CF12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-298SOP 298Cutler Hammercircuit breaker type W-VAC2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-297SOP 297Yorkshire Switchgear & Engineering Co.11kV FSAT, FS-A and FS-AO fuse switches, and the switchfuses of Tyke II and Tyke IIA RMUs2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-296SOP 296Long & Crawfordunits: T4GF3, T3GF3, J3, J4, GF3 and GF3D2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-295SOP 295SIBAHV fuse link ref. HHE - 07/94, installed in Reyrolle JKSS 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-294SOP 294UnspecifiedPole Mounted Air Break Switch Disconnectors (ABSDs) which have earthing systems fitted on the same pole as the switching location2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-293SOP 293Siemens8DC11 11kV circuit breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-292SOP 292Long & CrawfordT3GF ring main unit (NOT other L&C units such as T3GF3)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-291SOP 291ReyrolleL42T 33kV Circuit Breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-290SOP 290Brushtype HF 11kV switchfuse2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-288SOP 288ReyrolleCircuit Breaker -  OB142020-01-03
OPSAF-16-287SOP 287BrushSwitchgear & Equipment, 132kV Switching Isolator type RVS3002020-01-03
OPSAF-16-286SOP 286ReyrolleProtection -  Relay MR1122020-01-03
OPSAF-16-285SOP 285AlstomSwitch -  IB5 11kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-284SOP 284ABBSurge arrestor -  Polim M - O2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-283SOP 283Switchgear & CowansRMU - 11kV RA4 & RAE42020-01-03
OPSAF-16-282SOP 282LucyRMU -  TRMU TSU Mkll2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-281SOP 281Cutler HammerCircuit Breaker -  W VAC2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-280SOP 280UnspecifiedCable Termination boxes2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-279SOP 279CallenderLV Pillar2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-278SOP 278Alstomtype OX 33kV circuit breakers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-277SOP 277StatterSwitch -  OD/SA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-276SOP 276
Hawker SiddeleySwitchgear Type VMV Vacuum Circuit Breakers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-275SOP 275AlstomRMU - Saturn RT 20kA Version only2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-274SOP 274ReyrolleRMU -  OKSS2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-273SOP 273Yorkshire SwitchgearRMU -  Tyke Mk I2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-272SOP 272ReyrolleCircuit Breaker -  RETVAC C2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-269SOP 269South Wales SwitchgearCircuit Breaker -  D4X - Special version with vertically mounted wound primary CTs in extended air filled chamber.2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-268SOP 268SiemensCircuit Breaker - 8DA102020-01-03
OPSAF-16-267SOP 267Whipp & BourneCircuit Breaker - DV Compact Form C2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-266SOP 266Hawker SiddeleyCircuit Breaker - vmw2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-265SOP 265LucyRMU - SCRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-264SOP 264AEIBVRP17 Circuit Breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-263SOP 263Yorkshire SwitchgearYSF6 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-262SOP 262GECBVP5002020-01-03
OPSAF-16-261SOP 261BrushFV 11kV Circuit Breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-260SOP 260VariousAll 11kv oilfilled switchgear that has been pressure washed2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-259SOP 259SicameSicame 2 - Way Link Box fitted with Neutral Earth Stalk for Generator Connection2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-258SOP 258Merlin GerinPackage substation2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-257SOP 257LucyFRMU, FRMU Mk12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-256SOP 256Siemens8DA10 33kV busbar earth switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-255SOP 255LucyFRMU 2A2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-254SOP 254
OPSAF-16-253SOP 253Hawker SiddeleyFALCON BETA 1 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-252SOP 252SiemensType 8DA10 33kV Vacuum in SF6 extensible metal clad switchgear2020-01-10
OPSAF-16-251SOP 251VariousHenley & Rachem Insulator / Surge Arresters2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-250SOP 250ReyrolleType C 11kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-249SOP 249South Wales SwitchgearSWS 16 FRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-248SOP 248Whipp & BourneGVR Pole Mounted Recloser2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-247SOP 247GECType DDF Range2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-246SOP 246LucyFRMU, FRMU Mk 1, FRMUE2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-245SOP 245Ferguson PailinBVRP 11kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-244SOP 244LucyTrifca – LV cabinet2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-243SOP 243English ElectricOBR11 & OBR92020-01-03
OPSAF-16-242SOP 242Merlin Gerin (Yorkshire Switchgear)Type YSF6 11kV SF6 CB's2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-241SOP 241Lucy11kV SFRMU - CF22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-240SOP 240VariousConn & Swgr ADX2C 400kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-239SOP 239
LucyTRIFCA transformer mounted fuse cabinet2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-238SOP 238AlstomSATURN  RT  11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-237SOP 237ReyrolleROKSS/CC  RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-236SOP 236VariousTx 33kV cable boxes with G38.2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-235SOP 235Merlin Gerin11kV Genie typeCB2,CB6.CB12.2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-234SOP 234ReyrolleType SPL2 275kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-233SOP 233ABBTYPE VD4 VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-232SOP 232English ElectricTYPE E7 11kV Air Circuit Breakers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-231SOP 231ABBTYPE ZV2 33kV Switchgear2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-230SOP 230ReyrolleType 66kV SOV OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-229SOP 229ReyrolleType SPL2/1A 400kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-228SOP 228Lucy11kV SCRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-227SOP 227Yorkshire Switchgear (Merlin Gerin)Ringmaster 2 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-226SOP 226B & SLV Pillar2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-225SOP 225ReyrolleType SPLA 275kV SF6 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-224SOP 224FullerTYPE HD 132kV Tap changer2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-223SOP 223
GECType VMX 11kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-222SOP 222Merlin GerinType MU2 Metering unit2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-221SOP 221Hawker SiddeleyType VMH 11kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-220SOP 220ReyrolleLSR  11kV SF6  CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-219SOP 219GECType FG1 (c) 145kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-218SOP 218VariousLive line compression equipment2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-217SOP 217Met. VickersVIRHIR / S  11kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-216SOP 216KelmanREZAP LV auto recloser2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-215SOP 215ABBTYPE  IP2X  LV fuse cabinets2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-214SOP 214LucyFRMU IIA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-213SOP 213Long & CrawfordT3GF3 / T4GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-212SOP 212GECEE 730F 11kV RMU -2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-211SOP 211ReyrolleRETVAC C 11kV VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-210SOP 210LucyFRMU 24 20kV RMUTest Prods2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-209SOP 209ReyrolleJK2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-208SOP 208ReyrolleJS2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-207SOP 207GECType VMX  11kV VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-206SOP 206ReyrolleLMT23T  11kV CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-205SOP 205Hawker Siddeley/BrushPMR32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-204SOP 204VariousOil sludging 1989 / 19912020-01-03
OPSAF-16-203SOP 203BrushCurrent Transformer Type OH 1452020-01-03
OPSAF-16-202SOP 202GECType GA6 & GA10  ABCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-201SOP 201ABBSentinel SF6 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-200SOP 200Crompton ParkinsonUIDE 6kV oil switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-199SOP 199Merlin GerinYSF6 11kV  VT2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-198SOP 198ReyrolleROKSS,ROSSS,ROK,RMS,ROS2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-197SOP 197Switchgear & CowansRA4/RAE42020-01-03
OPSAF-16-196SOP 196ReyrolleGuardian 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-195SOP 195Brush11kV PMR 32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-194SOP 194Long & CrawfordT3GF3 & GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-193SOP 193
Whipp & BourneCV  Vacuum Circuit Breaker2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-192SOP 192English ElectricOBN9G 132kV Air Blast CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-191SOP 191GECType FMJL 420kV CT2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-190SOP 190South Wales SwitchgearHG36 GCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-189SOP 189ATLAMD Tap Change2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-188SOP 188Long & CrawfordT4GF3 11kV FRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-187SOP 187GECBVP & VMX  11kV CB's2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-186SOP 186Whipp & BourneDV 11kV (VT. only)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-185SOP 185GECT3OF 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-184SOP 184GECBVP 17 & VMX  VT's2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-183SOP 183Long & CrawfordVarious2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-182SOP 182GECOX36, HMX36 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-181SOP 181LucyFRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-180SOP 180Morris Line EquipmentType RL 33kV Load break switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-179SOP 179ReyrolleROKSS RMU, ROS & ROK,2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-178SOP 178Long & CrawfordT3GF3/T4GF2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-177SOP 177Merlin GerinSSP 44 132kV Disconnector.2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-176SOP 176Yorkshire SwitchgearIVIO2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-175SOP 175ABBTYPE LTB  132kV GCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-174SOP 174
Long & CrawfordTYPE RT SF6 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-173SOP 173
South Wales SwitchgearIF4X2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-172SOP 172Met. VickersTYPE LB2 33kv O/S2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-171SOP 171Ferguson PailinVSLP / IVS 33kv Oil Switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-170SOP 170Long & CrawfordJ3 and J4 oil switches and type GF3F oil fuse switches in outdoor locations - RMUs are not affected by this SOP2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-169SOP 169Long & CrawfordGF3D 11kv Oil Switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-168SOP 168
ReyrolleROKSS RMU (now withdrawn)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-167SOP 167BrushFALCON BETA  RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-166SOP 166GECKNB 11kv OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-165SOP 165GECVMX 11kv VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-164SOP 164VariousVarious VTs2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-163SOP 163South Wales SwitchgearIF4X2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-162SOP 162ABBSentinel SF6 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-161SOP 161LucyTRMU MK 32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-160SOP 160South Wales SwitchgearIF4X2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-159SOP 159ABBSentinel SF6 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-158SOP 158Cooke & FergusonULA1 & ULB1 cb s (excl 1200A)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-157SOP 157Hawker SiddeleyFALCON BETA RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-156SOP 156ReyrolleJKSS RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-155SOP 155VariousCVTs2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-154SOP 154Switchgear & CowansK3 33kv ocb units2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-153SOP 153Hawker SiddeleyHG36 SF6 Circuit Breaker at system voltages of 33kV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-152SOP 152BrushNSM 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-151SOP 151ABBNitran Shrouded lv fuse Cabinets2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-150SOP 150GECTFM1 145kV SF6 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-149SOP 149BillStreet Lighting Unit Type H262020-01-03
OPSAF-16-148SOP 148Johnson & PhillipsPDB & PDB M 11 & 6.6kV Oil Filled Circuit Breakers2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-147SOP 147ABBSF6, 12kV VCB RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-146SOP 146Brush11kV D.O.E.F. Type Delta 22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-145SOP 145ATLASD & AMD 132/33kV tap changer2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-144SOP 144ATLASD & AMD 132/33kV tap changer2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-143SOP 143GEC AlstomFG1 SF6 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-142SOP 142Brush11kV VSI R4/1 Mk4 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-141SOP 141Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke 2A RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-140SOP 140LucySCRMU (CB Type)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-139SOP 139BrushFALCON SF6 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-138SOP 138Merlin GerinTyke IIA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-137SOP 137LucyTRMU'S & TSU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-136SOP 136Long & CrawfordRNETV22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-135SOP 135BTH132kV VT Bushing2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-134SOP 134Johnson & Phillips11kV OCB with BF Modifications2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-133SOP 133GECVMX, OX2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-132SOP 132ACS11kV Air Break Isolator2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-131SOP 131AEIMF362020-01-03
OPSAF-16-130SOP 130Long & CrawfordG.A. Switchfuse2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-129SOP 129Ferguson PailinIBM22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-128SOP 128BowthorpeEMP EGA15 & ESA122020-01-03
OPSAF-16-127SOP 127South Wales SwitchgearIF4X2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-126SOP 126ReyrolleOKSS RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-125SOP 125Switchgear & CowansUAE4 (All A4 type breakers used for auto reclose duty)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-124SOP 124BrushILSA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-123SOP 123Merlin GerinTyke IIA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-122SOP 122Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke IIA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-121SOP 121Switchgear & CowansID OS2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-120SOP 120South Wales SwitchgearTiger FRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-119SOP 119Switchgear & CowansRA4/RAE4/RA6/RAE6/RA042020-01-03
OPSAF-16-118SOP 118GEC20 - 80a Single phase credit meter type C11B2A/RH with serial numbers K91J or K92J 2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-117SOP 117GECJB424 33kV OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-116SOP 116ReyrolleYMV22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-115SOP 115Met. Vickers132ABCB also AEI2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-114SOP 114Switchgear & CowansID2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-113SOP 113StatterTFCO2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-112SOP 112Long & CrawfordGA S/Fuse2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-111SOP 111Yorkshire SwitchgearSO - HI 11kV Range2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-110SOP 110BrushVBA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-109SOP 109StatterODSA/VL2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-108SOP 108Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke IIA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-107SOP 107BowthorpeESA122020-01-03
OPSAF-16-106SOP 106ReyrolleL45T/L42T CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-105SOP 105Long & CrawfordT4GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-104SOP 104ReyrolleYMV2 VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-104SOP 103LucyFRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-102SOP 102VariousAll switch fuses fitted with EMP and Reyrolle JOS 6.6kV and 11kV Oil immersed fuses2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-101SOP 101BrushLEL OEGMA FUSE2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-100SOP 100BrushBrush L 11kV Oil Switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-099SOP 99GECAlsthom 145kV SF & CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-098SOP 98Long & CrawfordJ/J22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-097SOP 97Yorkshire SwitchgearFMS MK12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-096SOP 96GECDD RANGE2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-095SOP 95Whipp & BourneCV2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-094SOP 94GECDD RANGE2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-093SOP 93StatterOFS/VL/ODSA2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-092SOP 92ReyrolleJKSS FUSES2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-091SOP 91LucyTRMU & TSU Mk1, 2, 3 & 2AS 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-090SOP 90Long & CrawfordT3/GF/R/T/T3GF3/T4GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-089SOP 89Long & CrawfordT3 GF3/T4 GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-088SOP 88South Wales Switchgear16 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-087SOP 87BrushL 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-086SOP 86Yorkshire SwitchgearFMS2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-085SOP 85LucyFRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-084SOP 84EllisonAP1, AP2502020-01-03
OPSAF-16-083SOP 83ReyrolleJKSS RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-082SOP 82Long & CrawfordJ & J2 Extensible Oil Switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-081SOP 81Long & CrawfordJ3/J4/GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-080SOP 80Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke/AFS/142020-01-03
OPSAF-16-079SOP 79Long & CrawfordT3GF3/T4GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-078SOP 78Long & CrawfordT4GF3/T3GF32020-01-03
OPSAF-16-077SOP 77GECDD RANGE2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-076SOP 76VariousNitran Fuse Cabs2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-075SOP 75ReyrolleYMC/VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-074SOP 74Whipp & BourneCV 11kV VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-073SOP 73Long & CrawfordJ & J2 11 kV Oil Switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-072SOP 72Switchgear & CowansRA04/502020-01-03
OPSAF-16-071SOP 71South Wales SwitchgearTiger RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-070SOP 70LucyTRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-069SOP 69Whipp & BourneCV 11kV VCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-068SOP 68Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke MK1 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-067SOP 67GECVMX CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-066SOP 66Long & CrawfordWPD Mk 2 OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-065SOP 65ReyrolleJS/XI/JO2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-064SOP 64BrushOL RANGE2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-063SOP 63South Wales SwitchgearIF4X 11kV Oil Switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-062SOP 62Long & CrawfordJ3/J42020-01-03
OPSAF-16-061SOP 61Yorkshire SwitchgearFMS Mk12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-060SOP 60LucyFRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-059SOP 59Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke 11kV RMU (No. T1125 - T2572)2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-058SOP 58BrushNSM2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-057SOP 57StatterTFCO RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-056SOP 56South Wales SwitchgearTiger RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-055SOP 55Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke MKII 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-054SOP 54South Wales SwitchgearHawkgas 12 SF6 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-053SOP 53South Wales SwitchgearTiger RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-052SOP 52LucyFRMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-051SOP 51Ferguson PailinVSLP2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-050SOP 50Yorkshire SwitchgearYSF62020-01-03
OPSAF-16-049SOP 49Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-048SOP 48Switchgear & CowansRA4/RAE42020-01-03
OPSAF-16-047SOP 47Yorkshire SwitchgearFMS Mk12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-046SOP 46Ferguson PailinROP 32 CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-045SOP 45Johnson & PhillipsPDP/PDB - M2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-044SOP 44Cooke & FergusonUD2/D2 OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-043SOP 43BrushVSI/VTD2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-042SOP 42Yorkshire SwitchgearTyke/FSAT2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-041SOP 41South Wales SwitchgearTiger RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-040SOP 40ReyrolleLMT OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-039SOP 39Switchgear & CowansRA4/RAE42020-01-03
OPSAF-16-038SOP 38VariousLoad Break elbow connectors2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-037SOP 37ReyrolleLMI/IMS RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-036SOP 36ReyrolleSPL, SF, CB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-035SOP 35Lucy11kV FRMU MK12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-034SOP 34GECDHA, DHB, DFC O/S2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-033SOP 33BrushFALCON SF6 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-032SOP 32Lucy11 kV FRMU Mk12020-01-03
OPSAF-16-031SOP 31GECDDFC RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-030SOP 30GECFG1 SF62020-01-03
OPSAF-16-029SOP 29GECOBN 92020-01-03
OPSAF-16-028SOP 28Morris11 kV O.H. Interrupter Head Isolator2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-027SOP 27LucyTRMU Mk2 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-026SOP 26GECT3/OF Cable Boxes2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-025SOP 25Long & CrawfordJ, J2, R, R2 11kV Oil Switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-024SOP 24South Wales SwitchgearTiger 11kV RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-023SOP 23VariousCable Terminations 11 kV Corrugated Aluminium Sheathed Cable. RACHEM heat shrink termination2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-022SOP 22BrushO & HF 11kV Switchgear2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-021SOP 21GEC11kV T3/OF & T3/AF RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-020SOP 20Switchgear & CowansK1 33kV OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-019SOP 19Met. VickersSB OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-018SOP 18Long & CrawfordGA 11kV Switch Fuse2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-017SOP 17Long & CrawfordETV2 11kV OFS Earth Switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-016SOP 16Yorkshire Switchgear11kV Tyke II RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-015SOP 15Yorkshire Switchgear11kV Tyke MkII RMU, SO-FM OS2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-014SOP 14LucyFRMU 11kV Switchfuse RMS Mk1 & Mk22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-013SOP 13LEL (Brush)33kV Multibreak Interrupter Head Isolators2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-012SOP 12Long & CrawfordT3GF3/T4GF3 RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-011SOP 11VariousAll Dependant Manual Oil Switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-010SOP 10Switchgear & Cowans11kV RA04 Oil Switch RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-009SOP 9Switchgear & Cowans11kV IF Oil Switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-007SOP 7LucyFRMU Mk1 & Mk22020-01-03
OPSAF-16-006SOP 6BrushL2 350MVA 11kV Oil Switches, OL, ON, HF, NF2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-005SOP 5Switchgear & CowansRA04 Oil Switch RMU2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-004SOP 4Yorkshire SwitchgearIVI Mk4 Oil Switch2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-003SOP 3Switchgear & CowansFBD/B30 OCB2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-002SOP 2South Wales SwitchgearIF4X oil switches2020-01-03
OPSAF-16-001SOP 1BrushSwitchgear -  IL/OL2020-01-03


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