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Tracking Your Project

ICPs and IDNOs may request access to some of our IT systems to assist them in carrying out connections within our areas. 

The Register of Adopted Asset Requests (RAdAR) system is an internet-based tracking system which allows documents to be shared between ICPs and ourselves. Most accredited ICPs have access to our RAdAR system, although this is subject to training and confidentiality requirements. This allows full project visibility for ICPs to manage and progress connections projects from application, quotation and design approval through to energisation and the adoption of the new network.

ICPs and IDNOs may initially request access to RAdAR by completing the application form below and submitting to the following email accounts:

To complete the form:

  • Save the pdf form by right-clicking the link above and saving the form to your computer
  • Complete the form by typing the relevant information into the blue areas
  • Save the form onto your computer by selecting 'file' then 'save as...'

Once your company has ben registered on the RAdAR system you will then be able to raise new users for your company by following the system admin training guide for ICP and DNO



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