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Open Networks Project

SP Energy Networks is playing a leading role in the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and working collaboratively with other Distribution Network Operators (DNO) to map the road to becoming Distribution System Operators (DSO).

The Open Networks Project is a major energy industry initiative that will transform the way our energy networks, underpinning the delivery of the smart grid.

The project will:

  • Give households, businesses & networks the ability to take advantage of new energy technologies to take control of their energy and lower their costs.
  • Underpin business growth, attract investment and deliver real economic benefits to the UK.
  • Take a whole energy system approach to designing solutions by consulting with a wide range of stakeholders.

We are passionate about supporting this change and the opportunities it brings to our customers.

There are a number of Open Networks stakeholder events which you may be interested in:

  • Regen Community Energy Innovation Day Cardiff  - Tuesday 25 September - register here.
  • Regen Community Energy Innovation Day Edinburgh - Wednesday 19 September – register here.

Click here to register or find out more about the Energy Networks Association (ENA) Future World Consultation events:


1. Keep the network safe and reliable 2. Keep costs low for end customers and those connecting generation 3. Enable smaller generation to take part in the energy balancing services market 4. Better utilise the existing network. Question: What if we don't change? 1. Prosumers would lose the chance to play a part in the balancing the network 2. It would be harder to balance the network and maintain a steady supply of electricity.

Find out more information on the ENA Open Networks Project or watch the video.

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