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Transmission Connections

If you need a new Transmission Connection to our network, you’ll find lots of useful information below. Our teams will work with you to create an economic and efficient connection for your project.

Roles Within Transmission Connections

SP Transmission (SPT)

SP Transmission is a Transmission Owner (TO). Whilst we retain ownership of our transmission assets, such as substations and transmission towers, we have a licence obligation to maintain, design, develop and deliver new or modified connections to our network.

National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO)

National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) are the designated system operator (SO) in England, Scotland and Wales. As the SO, NGESO is responsible for ensuring the stable and secure operation of the whole transmission system. The SO is also responsible for balancing the electricity demand across the whole of Great Britain with electricity supplied by generating stations on a minute-by-minute basis. As the SO, NGESO provides transmission services to generators, electricity suppliers and large customers and will deal with all aspects of the contracts for the connection to and use of the electricity transmission system.

SPT Interactive Investment Maps

If you would like information on our current projects across the SP Transmission Network please click on the following link to our Interactive Investment Map. If you have any enquiries about any of the investment projects shown, please contact

Heat Maps

Before we can connect you we have to make sure that our existing network is capable of providing the power you need to operate your equipment.

For smaller projects (smaller than or equal to 50kW) there is normally no need to worry about the capacity of our network but for larger projects we may need to carry out some work to connect your generator. We recommend that you engage with us at an early stage as it’s important that you are aware of the timescales and costs involved before you begin your project.

In advance of this we have a series of heat maps that will give you an indication of the networks capability and a better understanding of potential opportunities to connect your generator to the electricity network.

Pre-Application Customer Engagement (PACE)

We have streamlined our Pre-Application Customer Engagement process (PACE). Please access our Customer Connection Portal linked below and complete a Pre-Application Submission to tell us about your project so as we can prepare some information on the type of connection we could offer prior to meeting with you. This can be for a connection directly onto our Transmission Network or for embedded projects that require access to our Transmission Network in Central and Southern Scotland. A Pre-Application Meeting could also be useful where you have identified any SP Transmission Assets that you may wish to discuss being diverted in relation to your site or development. After you have submitted your Pre-Application request we will then contact you with a time slot for our pre-arranged PACE surgery sessions held on a Tuesday afternoon.

Your Pre-Application meeting with us will take place a minimum of 2 weeks after you submit your PACE request form. You can expect colleagues from our System Design, Project Management and Commercial team to be in attendance along with colleagues from National Grid ESO. At this session we aim to give you an overview of the type of connection offer you would likely receive in response to a connection application. We will also discuss the application and offer process, however, more information on this can be found here.

Transmission Connections Guidance Leaflet

The aim of this leaflet is to provide a plain English overview of the Transmission connections process.  If you have feedback or questions on this leaflet please send an email to

Charging Statement

SPT is obliged, under Special Condition (SC) 9.12 of its electricity Transmission Licence, to prepare a statement approved by the Authority setting out the basis upon which charges will be made for the provision of transmission services in such form and detail as shall be necessary to enable NGESO to make a reasonable estimate of charges to which it would become liable for the provision of SPT’s services. These services include the planning, development, construction, maintenance and operation of new and modified connections to the licensee’s transmission system.

The Application Process

To read the application process explained, including connection offers and processes, please select the link below:

To read about connection registers, reports, policy updates, and industry guidance documents for understanding the connection process further, please select the link below:

Transmission Owner Reinforcement Instruction (TORI) Quarterly Update Report

Our Transmission Owner Reinforcement Instruction (TORI) Quarterly Update Reports are available to download.  The documents are designed to update our Transmission system users and connecting parties, following feedback from our stakeholders. Please use the links below to access our reports. If you have any questions or feedback on the report, click here to email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use this link to access Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Connections Portal

Our portal is an easy to use platform whether you need a connection to our distribution or transmission network. For more information click the link below.



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