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Transmission Network Output Measures Consultation

Under the RIIO (Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs) regulatory model, the companies’ performance is assessed by the regulator, using a set of primary outputs. These demonstrate how they will have delivered end services to consumers, customers and stakeholders.

The Network Output Measures (NOMs) Methodology is designed to show that the three transmission companies are providing consumers with long-term value for money. It provides a joint basis for measuring asset risk which is designed to direct investment in the right areas, enabling effective management of network risk. Using a risk-based approach, the transmission companies will assess their asset base and  direct investment in order to control the risk those assets present to the network, to health & safety, and to the environment. This will ensure the transmission companies will continue to deliver their primary outputs in the future.

The company is now entering into consultation regarding the implementation of the Network Output Measures and would like to invite stakeholders to review the proposed methodology below:

We would also like to invite stakeholders to submit a response to the consultation document:

Please email responses to the consultation to