T Route Rebuild Project

Due to the age of the overhead line, SP Transmission Plc on behalf of SP Energy Networks needs to rebuild approximately 13.5km of the existing 132kV, steel tower connection (T Route), which currently extends between ‘AK Route’ north of Annan to the shared license boundary with National Grid Energy Transmission (NGET) in the Solway Firth, southeast of Gretna.  The existing steel lattice tower line forming ‘T Route’ will be rebuilt as a wood pole line on a different route between a point close to tower AK008 and tower T137A. Additionally, one new terminal steel lattice tower will be needed adjacent to the AK Route near Annan and two new towers will be required at the NGET boundary south of Gretna. The existing 132kV steel lattice towers along the redundant section of the route will be dismantled, removed and the ground restored following construction of the replacement overhead line.

This consultation ran for 30 days from 11th July to 9th August.

Feedback from this event will be considered by SPEN prior to the proposed route being determined.

Documents for download

Our GDPR statement can be found here.

Following establishment of the proposed route, SP Energy Networks intends to submit an application to the Scottish Ministers for consent under section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 and deemed planning permission under section 57 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. Submission of the Section 37 application is anticipated for August 2023.



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