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VISOR is state-of-the-art technology which has revolutionised the real-time monitoring of the GB network.


January 2014 – December 2017

Project Status


About the Project

About the Project

It is the flagship collaborative Network Innovation Competition (NIC) project, and has involved system designers, operators, developers and researchers. The result is the first Wide Area Monitoring System (AMS) nationwide IT infrastructure.

VISOR combines synchronised measurements from all three GB TOs. The result is real-time visibility of the dynamic system behaviours of the whole network.

As VISOR continues to provide greater visibility and understanding of the network, it will enable more efficient use of existing network assets, and ensure the system remains reliable as the network continues to become more diverse.


The Benefits

  • Play a role in reducing uncertainty of electricity supply by providing synchronised monitoring and instantaneous operating points. This will improve system models and operation.
  • VISOR has established a new infrastructure to ensure that potential threats are detected and the electricity system remains secure.
  • By improving understanding of the dynamic behaviour, it will provide the System Operator with the means to optimise the full capacity and deliver further capacity release using existing assets.
  • VISOR has allowed operators to optimise existing assets without deteriorating the reliability of electricity supply.
  • Through using existing assets, VISOR is helping to keep the costs low for enhancing the electricity infrastructure.
  • VISOR paves the way for the future use of phasor data for enhanced control and protection.


Project Partners

Project Partners

VISOR is a collaboration project between the three mainland GB Transmission Owners (TOs) and the System Operator:

  • SP Transmission
  • Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission
  • National Grid Electricity Transmission
  • National Grid System Operator

Our other project partners:

  • University of Manchester
  • GE Grid Solutions

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