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ScottishPower |


This website has been designed to be as accessible as possible.

As such visitors can control the size of the text, the colours, the stylesheets and even use 'access keys' on the keyboard rather than the mouse to navigate through the pages.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that replace the need to use a mouse for navigation. For this website, you can use:

ALT + 0 (then press enter) for Accessibility page

ALT + 1 (then press enter) to go to the homepage

Please note: your browser may not support access keys. 

Font Sizes

You may change the font size of this document to your preference by using your browser's 'zoom' function. This is accessed via the options menu located at top-right of Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome and Firefox.


You may import your own stylesheet into this website.

Internet Explorer

Select Tools, then Internet options, and then Accessibility. Next click on any or all of 3 checkboxes to ignore colours, font styles or font sizes. In the same window you can change your style sheet by clicking the checkbox that says, 'format document using my style sheet' then simply browse to your style sheet and click ok.


Select tools, then options and then content. You will then be given the choice to specify your own colours and fonts.


Chrome currently has no support for custom stylesheets.

New Browser Windows

Please note that all external links open in a new browser window/tab.

Services Accessibility

Hearing impaired customers

If you are hearing impaired, we offer alternative methods of communication to make things easier for you.

Text Relay - dial 18001 before the number.

Faults and Emergency numbers:

18001 0800 092 9290 (Central and Southern Scotland) or

18001 0800 001 5400 (Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire:)

General enquiries:

18001 0330 10 10 444 (Central and Southern Scotland, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire)

We're on Social Media:

Twitter - @SPEnergyNetwork
Facebook – SP Energy Networks

Visually impaired customers

If you would like to receive any of our customer leaflets or documents, or if you wish to have a page translated into Braille or large text, please contact us directly and we can arrange this for you.


If you require language interpretation we can provide this, free of charge. We use Language Line for their conference call style services. This is available 24/7 by telephone offering over 100 languages.
You can contact us directly by the methods above to arrange.  

Welsh Language

All of our customer leaflets and documents can be provided in Welsh, free of charge. Please contact us directly to arrange this.