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What Work Can be Done?

Work undertaken to provide an electricity connection to our network falls into two categories:

Contestable Works

Contestable Works

This is work that either SP Energy Networks or an accredited ICP or IDNO can undertake. To find an accredited ICP or IDNO, visit Lloyds Register.

Work that can be done includes:

  • Design of your new connections or networks to our existing network.
  • Construction of new electricity networks.
  • Installation of new electrical equipment and services.
  • Commissioning of new networks.
  • Acquisition of legal consents for new networks.
  • Live jointing of cables and services for the new network. This is subject to accreditations and SP authorisations.
  • Completion of final connection joint to our existing network.
  • Identification and design of new Point of Connection (POC) to existing network (by trial).

Non-Contestable Works

Non-Contestable Works

This is work that only SP Energy Networks can do, including:

  • Assess the impact of your new connection to our existing networks.
  • Identify and design the Point of Connection (POC) to our networks.
  • Specify the equipment and materials that have to be used.
  • Approval of new ICP design.
  • Inspect and monitor the ICP work on the new networks.
  • Witness testing of the new electrical equipment installed by the ICP.

To ensure that your new connection is built to SP Energy Networks quality and standard, we enter into a legal construction and adoption agreement with the ICP and the developer. Once constructed by the ICP, we will adopt, maintain and operate the new network as part of our electricity distribution system.