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Where Overhead Lines will be removed

There are several places where this project means we can remove sections of existing overhead line and steel towers in Dumfries and Galloway.

Some of this existing line is near environmentally sensitive areas. Here’s how it adds up.

11km to be removed north of Glenlee

Our new 132kV overhead lines north of Glenlee will allow us to remove several sections of existing 132kV overhead line running from: Polquhanity to Kendoon; Carsfad to Kendoon; Kendoon to Glenlee; and, Earlstoun to Glenlee.

33km to be removed between Glenlee and Tongland

Our new 132kV overhead line between Glenlee and Tongland will allow us to remove the existing 132kV line which runs on the eastern side of Loch Ken and crosses the River Dee, near Crossmichael.

46km to be removed between Tongland and Dumfries

Whilst not part of the KTR project, an existing 132kV overhead line which runs north east from Tongland towards Dumfries, where it crosses the playing fields on Westfield Road before ending end at the town’s substation, will also be removed entirely following completion of the project.


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