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Our Whole System Strategy

"By adopting a Whole System Strategy, we will take a holistic approach to identifying and creating value for customers, our business, and the whole energy system - enabling a more efficient and just transition to Net Zero."
ISO 9001

Working together to achieve Net Zero 

We all need to work together to achieve Net Zero. With that in mind, we know that we're a central organisation in the energy landscape and have a responsibility to put whole system solutions at the heart of a just transition to Net Zero. To do this, our Whole System Strategy will help deliver the energy network of the future.

Our Whole System mission:

Our mission is to unlock the full value of whole system thinking by collaborating not only with other electricity companies, but also key stakeholders including gas and water networks, innovators, network users, non-regulated companies, local areas and communities. This is to ensure efficient investment in the electricity network and to achieve a just transition to Net Zero.

In the past, network companies have focussed primarily on their own network requirements, with active coordination and information exchange with neighbouring networks and users being limited.

As we decarbonise the energy sector to meet climate change targets, we must develop our networks to create additional capacity that will facilitate the connection of low carbon technologies and the electrification sectors like heat, transport and gas.

Enabling this future is dependent not only on the role that network companies play, but also on effectively harnessing the contribution that can be made by other parties.

That's why the concept of Whole System thinking challenges us to plan and develop our network with the knowledge of the full range of solutions available, and awareness of the impact our actions might have beyond our own networks. It requires frameworks for joint planning and data sharing between network companies, system operators, network users and other stakeholders.


Our RIIO-ED2 Whole System Strategy is centred on bringing a more outward-looking approach into how we plan, operate and develop the network.

To do this, we'll implement a package of initiatives to meet the following six objectives:

You can find more information about our strategy in our Whole System Annex of our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan and from Page 57 in our main RIIO-ED2 Business Plan.

Whole Electricity System
Coordination Register

We're required to coordinate with other electricity network licensees and users, to advance coordination and cooperation across energy networks and users. We evidence our performance on this by publishing a Whole Electricity System Coordination Register.

Our register is a 'live' document and will be updated as we develop Whole System planning and development into projects. The register will contain the date it was last updated.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure our data and narrative is accurate, the details in the register are for information purposes only and should not be used for any other reason.

Download the Register

Have your say!
Whole System user suggestions

Whole System planning isn't something we can do on our own – we need your input! 

That's why we're inviting whole electricity system suggestions from you to understand more about what's important and how we can build your ideas into our investment plans. 

If you'd like to propose any whole electricity system suggestions - you can get in touch by submitting a feedback form.

We'll endeavour to provide you feedback on next steps and how your suggestion has been considered.


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