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Whole System FAQs


What is 'Whole System'?

The concept of Whole System is where joined up consideration of the needs of energy vectors  results in effective coordination and data sharing between network companies and relevant stakeholders to facilitate the energy transition  at a reasonable cost to consumers. For example, we worked in collaboration with Transport Scotland and Local Authorities to deliver 167 new public chargers in 44 locations across Lanarkshire, targeting areas and communities where the commercial market has not yet delivered these facilities and is unlikely to in the short to medium term. 

Therefore, the concept of Whole System challenges us to plan and develop our network with knowledge of the full range of solutions and awareness of the impact of our actions beyond our own networks. It requires frameworks for joint planning and data sharing between network companies, system operators, network users and other stakeholders.  

Why do we need to consider Whole System thinking?

Energy / utility providers are facing new challenges, requiring a more collaborative way of working to achieve our Net Zero ambitions, to meet increased energy demands within our communities, and to deliver better value and efficiency to our customers.

Joint planning processes and data sharing between network companies have the potential to promote efficient use of flexible resources to meet demand, the identification of a greater range of network reinforcement options, more efficient constraint management and improved network connectivity. We envisage that this enhanced 'toolkit', derived from network companies working collaboratively rather than independently, will ultimately lead to lower cost options and efficient alternatives to traditional network reinforcement to address network requirements.

How will we deliver Whole System thinking within our organisation?

As part of our RIO-ED2 submission, we have committed to delivering a proactive and transparent approach to Whole System thinking. We have a dedicated team focussed on Whole System thinking and delivering tangible Whole System solutions and Outcomes. You can contact this team by sending an email to Whole System thinking will form an integral part of our future programmes and initiatives and we are working in collaboration with the Energy System Catapult to ensure we embed this framework into our organisation.

Where will inputs and ideas come from regarding WS?

Whole System is built on a framework of collaboration, solutions will not only come from within our organisation, but from our cooperation and activities with other energy operators and utility suppliers. Any third party can make a suggestion that delivers Whole System benefits. We will capture and review suggestions via the form on this website.

How will you communicate what WS activities are being carried out within your organisation?

We will publish our Whole System Register (a record of ongoing and completed activities and programmes that support WS thinking) and update it at least once a year. 



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