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XP Route 275 kv Overhead Line Modernisation Project

As the owner and operator of critical national infrastructure our top priority during the COVID-19 crisis is to ensure a safe and secure supply of electricity is maintained at all times.

One of our many investment and modernisation programmes was successfully completed recently - the major refurbishment of XP Route, which is a key 275 kV overhead line running between Currie and Kaimes substations to the south of Edinburgh.

The line which was constructed several decades ago and consists of 28 steel towers covering a distance of approximately 9 kms, is a crucial part of the transmission network in central and southern Scotland as it transports clean energy and supports the distribution of electricity in the Edinburgh area.

The programme of work involved the towers being inspected and maintenance carried out as required. In addition, the insulators and conductors which transport the electricity were renewed. 

At certain locations the line is close by housing, business and transport infrastructure. Local communities were advised of the work, much of which was carried out at height by our specialist contractors. SPEN Land Officers coordinated access arrangements with the land owners along the route.

SPEN are very pleased to announce the project was successfully completed in the last quarter of 2020.

The refurbishment and modernisation projects ensure the transmission network continues to play its part in supporting the countries move to clean energy and a more sustainable environment for us all.

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