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Community Energy

In 2019, the UK made a legally binding commitment to a zero-carbon future, legislating a deadline for its contribution to global warming – 2050. In some parts of the country, the net-zero targets are even more ambitious.

Exactly how to achieve these targets, and the roadmap to get there, is not yet clear. As energy devolution becomes more and more common, the risk to communities is they are left behind in transition. Together with our ScottishPower colleagues, we at SP Energy Networks are launching our commitment to work with these communities to help identify what steps they need to take, specific to them, to meet the goals.

Zero Carbon Communities (ZCC) is the first initiative of its kind to explore and solve these challenges. ZCC sets out a roadmap in each of the regions that we operate in, helping us to achieve a better future, quicker.

Latest Updates

Zero Carbon Communities

SP Energy Networks launches the world's first zero carbon communities tool

We have launched our new open source tool to help communities across the UK realise their net zero emissions ambitions. 

Zero Carbon Communities

Powering Glasgow's Future

To enable an electric future for Glasgow, starting in February 2020, we will be investing c£20m in a programme of works in the Southside of Glasgow between 2020 and 2023, as part of an investment programme to support Glasgow's vision to become the UK's first Net Zero carbon city by 2030. 

Zero Carbon Communities

WPI Report - The Future of Community Energy

A new report titled 'The Future of Community Energy' – commissioned by SP Energy Networks from the independent research consultancy WPI Economics – maps out the scale of the benefits the community energy sector could deliver and identifies what is needed for it to thrive. 

Zero Carbon Communities

Latest Videos

Zero Carbon Communities Animation


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